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Cafe Landmark is one of the best restaurants for tourist and locals in Ahmedabad city.
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Café Landmark

Café Landmark, AhmedabadCafé Landmark in Ahmedabad - Imagine yourself in a resort somewhere in Florida, where the sound of the ocean as the backdrop and the swaying palm trees set the mood along with discreet lighting and a saxophone playing in the background. Café Landmark offers wraps and rolls, pizzas, sizzlers, biryanis, paranthas, and an assortment of desserts and beverages. And if hunger pangs trouble you late at midnight you can always head here for an assortment of mocktails and fast food.

Café Landmark
Fortune Landmark, Ahmedabad
Address: Ashram Road,
Ahmedabad - 380013
Contact: 91-079-39884444
Fax: 91-07930014445
Timings: 7 pm to 2 am

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