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Mint Restaurant in Ahmedabad is a popular name among food lovers in the city. Know more on Mint Restaurant in Ahmedabad.
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Mint Restaurant

Mint Restaurant in Ahmedabad - The funky interiors done up in yellow ochre, and shades of green, red, orange and brown, give a warm tone to Mint. There is a cozy book corner where one can browse through books on architecture, photography, and Calvin and Hobbes magazines. Besides, they also show movies on a big screen TV, every Friday night. A mint is Ahmedabad's first and only free Wi-Fi café. The 'fusion food' menu has wacky names like En Lighten mint, Fulfill mint and Natural Refresh mint. All these make Mint, a wonderful chill out zone for the youth.

Mint Restaurant
Address: Mithakhali Circle
Navarangpura Ahmedabad 380009
Contact: 26401982

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