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This section offers a list of Indian baby girl names starting with letter F and their meanings.
Indian Baby Names : Indian Baby Girl Names Starting with F

Indian Baby Girl Names Starting with F

Indian Baby Girl Names Starting with Letter F

Faatin; Faatina Captivating
Fadila Good looking; Attractive
Fadilah Distinguished; Learned
Fahima; Faheemah Intelligent
Fahmida Intelligent and Wise
Faina Crown or garland
Faiza Victorious; Winner; Gain
Fakeehah Cheerful
Fakhirah Splendid; Elegant
Fakhri Glory
Falak Star
Falaknaz Sky
Falaq Break of dawn
Falguni; Phalguni Born in Falgun - a Hindu month; Beautiful
Falisha Happiness
Fanan Tree branch or twig
Faqirah Name of a beautiful woman (wife of Murrah al-Asadi)
Fara Sunset
Farah Joy
Faraza Success; Height
Fareeda; Fareedah; Farida Unique; Matchless; Precious Gem
Fareeha Happy; Joyful
Farha Happiness; Joy
Farheen Jubilant
Farhina Happiness
Faria Beautiful; Kind and loving
Farideh Delightful
Fariza Light
Farkhondeh Joyous; Happy
Farrin Glorified
Farzaneh Wise
Fatemeh A woman who weans her child; The name of Mohammad's daughter
Fathiyah Joy; Happiness; New begining
Fatima; Fathima The prophet Mohammad's daughter
Fauzia Succesful; Victorious
Fawiza Successful
Feerozah A precious stone; Daughter of al-Mazfar; She was a scholar; narrator of Hadith and a very righteous woman; she wrote a book of Hadith "Al-Arbaeen Riwayat as-salihat an As-salhiheen
Feeza Nature
Fereshteh Angel
Fida Redemption
Fila Lover
Firouzeh Turquoise
Firoza Turquoise
Firyal Proper Name
Foolan; Phoolan Flowering
Foolwati; Phoolwati Delicated as a flower
Forouzandeh Shining
Forum Bouquet
Fulki Spark
Fullara Wife of Kalketu

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