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This section offers a list of Indian baby girl names starting with letter T and their meanings.
Indian Baby Names : Indian Baby Girl Names Starting with T

Indian Baby Girl Names Starting with T

Indian Baby Girl Names Starting with Letter T

Taj Crown; Jewel
Talika Rope; A Bird
Tammanna Desire
Taneesha Ambition
Tanirika A flower
Tanu Body
Tanuja Daughter
Tanushree; Tanushri Beautiful
Tanushri Beautiful
Tanveer; Tanvir
Tanvi Slender; Soft; A delicate girl
Tanya Of the family; Body
Tara Star; Wife of Lord Brihaspati
Taruna Young Girl
Tashi Prosperity
Tejal Lustrous; Radiant
Tejaswani One who spreads illumination; Lord Shiva
Tejaswini Radiant; Lustrous
Tejbir The glory of the brave one
Tenzin; Tenzing Protector of Dharma
Tina; Tyna River; An instrument; Christ's follower
Tiya A bird
Trisha Wish; Desire; Thirst
Trishala Mother of Lord Mahavir; Trident
Trishana Thirst; Desire
Tulsi The sacred basil
Twinkle Glow; shine; sparkle

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