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Give your newborn baby boy a unique Hindu name that has a beautiful meaning attached to it. Explore modern Hindu baby boy names with their meanings.
Indian Baby Names : Hindu Boy Names

Hindu Boy Names


Hindu Baby Boy Names

Balbir Strong; Couragious
Baldev; Baldeb Godlike in power; Another Name of Balram
Balgopal The Hindu God Krishna as a baby; Baby Krishna
Bali Powerful; Brave; Elder Brother of Sugriva in Ramayan
Baljeet; Baljit Mighty Victorious
Balkishan; Baalkrishan Young Krishna; Lord Krishna in his childhood
Balraj Elder brother of Sri Krishna; Strong; Mighty King
Balram; Balaram The elder brother of Lord Krishna
Balvan Powerful and mighty
Balveer; Balvir Powerful and brave
Balwant; Balvant; Balavant Powerful; Strong; Full of might
Bandhu Friend
Bandhul Pleasing; With friends; Family
Bandhula Charming
Bankim Not Straight; Crooked; Half
Bankimchandra Crescent moon
Banshi; Bansi Flute
Bansi Flute
Bansidhar; Banshidhar Lord Krishna
Bansilal; Banshilal Lord Krishna
Barun Lord of the Sea
Basant Spring Season
Bhaarat India
Bhadrak Handsome; Good; Virtuous
Bhadraksh One with beautiful eyes; Whose eyes reflect auspiciousness
Bhagat Devotee of God
Bhagavaan; Bhagavaana; Bhagvan; Bhagvaan Of good furtune; The lord; God
Bhagavaandaas Servant of the god
Bhageeratha; Bhagirath One who brought Ganga on earth; Name of an ancient king
Bhagwan God; Ishwar
Bhairav Lord of terror; God Shankar; Lord Shiva
Bhajan One who is absorbed in God's Love; Adoration
Bhalendra Lord of Light
Bhanu The sun
Bhanudas A devotee of the sun; Follower of the sun
Bhanuprasad Gift of the sun
Bharadwaj; Bhardwaj A sage; A mythical bird; Skylark; Strong & fast
Bharani Name of a celestial star; The second nakshatra in Hindu astronomy; Goddess of good luck
Bharat Being maintained; The name of the Hindu God of fire
Bhargava Lord Shiva; Archer; Preceptor
Bhartihari Name of a celebrated poet
Bhasvan; Bhaasvan Lustrous; Full of brightness
Bhaswar; Bhaaswar Glorious; Luminous
Bhaumik Lord of the earth
Bheemsen; Bhimsen Sons of brave man
Bheeshma; Bheesham; Bhisham; Bhishma A character of Mahabharata; Son of king 'Shantanu'
Bhima The mighty one
Bhoj Name of a poet king; Meal
Bhola Innocent; Polite
Bhrigu Name of a saint who foretold the future; One of the seven great sages - the Saptarshis
Bhudev; Bhudeva Lord of the earth; Lord Shiva
Bhupati; Bhoopati; Bhoopat Lord of the earth
Bhupen King
Bhupendra; Bhoopendra; Bhupinder King of Kings; Emperor; King of the earth
Bhushan; Bhooshan Ornament; Lord vishnu
Bhushit; Bhooshit Decorated
Bhuvan; Bhuban World
Bhuvanesh Lord of the world; Lord of the earth
Bhuvaneshwar Lord of the world
Bilva A sacred leaf
Bimbisaar King of the Gupta dynasty
Bindusar An excellent pearl
Birbal Brave Heart; A courtier in the administration of the Mughal emperor Akbar
Bishnu Lord Vishnu
Bishwanath; Vishwanath Lord of the world
Bodhan Clever; Wise; kindling
Boudhayan The name of a sage
Brahma Creator of the universe; Supreme being
Brahmabrata Ascetic
Brahmadutt Dedicated to Lord Brahma; Devoted to Lord Brahma
Brahmdev God's exalted angel
Braj; Brij; Brij Mohan Place of Lord Krishna; Lord Krishna
Brajamohan; Brajmohan; Brijamohan; Brijmohan Name of Lord Krishna
Brajendra Lord of Braj Land
Brajesh; Brijesh; Birjesh Lord of Braj Land
Brajraaj; Brajraj; Brijraaj; Brijraj King of Braj Land
Bratindra Dedicated to charity; Devoted to right deeds
Buddha Awakened; Lord Buddha
Buddhadeva Wise; Gautama Buddha
Budhil Learned; Wise; Academic
Chaaruhaas; Charuhaas With beautiful smile
Chadna Love
Chakor A bird that loves the moon
Chakradhar Name of Lord Vishnu
Chakrapaani Name of Lord Vishnu
Chakravartee; Chakravarti A sovereign king
Chakresh Name of Lord Vishnu
Chaman Flowering Garden
Chamanlal Garden
Champabati; Champavati The daughter of an ancient king 'Raja Sahil Verma'
Champak A Flower
Chanak Father of Chaanakya
Chanakya; Chaanakya Name of Kautilya - the great scholar; Bright
Chanchal Active
Chanchareek; Chancharik Bee
Chandak The moon
Chandan Of the Sandalwood tree; Scented Wood; Sandalwood
Chandavarman An old King
Chandeedaas; Chandidaas Name of a saint
Chandraaditya Name of an ancient King
Chandraanan Moon-like face
Chandraayan The moon
Chandrabhan The moon; Lustrous as moon
Chandrachur Lord Shiva
Chandragupt Name of an ancient king
Chandrahaas Smiling like a moon
Chandraketu Moon banner
Chandrakiran Moon Beam
Chandrakishore The moon
Chandrakumar The moon
Chandramaadhav; Chandramadhav Sweet
Chandramauli Lord Shiva
Chandramohan Attractive like the moon
Chandranath The moon; King of the moon
Chandraprakash; Chandraprakaash One who has moon as a crest; Light of the moon; Relevant to Lord Shiva
Chandrashekhar; Chandrashekar Lord Shiva
Chandravadan Moon-like face
Chandresh Lord Shiva; King of the moon
Chandu Moon
Chapal Swift; Lightning; Clever; Restless
Charak An ancient physician; One of the founders of Ayurveda
Charan Feet; A humble person; God's feet
Charuchandra; Chaaruchandra Beautilful moon; Son of Rukmini and Sri Krishna
Charudatt; Chaarudatt Born of beauty
Charusheel Of good character
Charuvrat Of good character
Chatur Clever
Chaturaanan With four faces
Chaturbhuj Broad shouldered; Strong; Lord Vishnu
Chetak Rana Pratap's horse
Chetanaanand Supreme Joy
Chhaayank Moon
Chhandak The charioteer of Lord Buddha
Chidaakaash Absolute Brahma
Chidaatma Supreme spirit
Chidambar; Chidambaram Sky like heart; One who has heart as wide as sky
Chidananda Lord Shiva
Chinmay Supreme consciousness; Name of Lord Ganesha; Knowledgable
Chinmayanand; Chinmayananda Blissful; Supreme consciousness
Chintak Thinker
Chintu; Chintoo Sun
Chiradeep Eternal Lamp
Chirag Lamp; Deepak
Chiranjeevi Immortal; Lord Vishnu
Chirantan lmmortal; Ancient
Chitrabaahu; Chitrabahu With beautiful hands
Chitrabhanu The sun
Chitrada Name of Arjun's wife
Chitragupt God of destiny
Chitraketu With beautiful banner
Chitraksh Beautiful Eyed
Chitral Of variegated colour
Chitranjan Inner Joy; Happiness from the heart; one who has joyful heart
Chitrarath The sun
Chitrasen A king of Gandharvas
Chittaranjan one who has joyful heart; Inner joy; Joyful
Chittesh Lord of the soul
Chittranjan Inner Joy; Happiness from the heart; one who has joyful heart
Chyavan Name of a saint; Divinely inspired sage
Daamodar Krishna
Daaruk Charioteer of Krishna; Tree
Daarun Hard
Daksh A son of Brahma; Precious Son; Capable
Dakshesh Name of Lord Shiva
Daler Brave
Dalip King
Dalpati Commander of group
Daman Controller; One who controls
Damodara Tied with a rope around the belly; Krishna
Dandak A forest
Dandapaani An epithet for Yama
Dara Lord; God
Darshak Spectator
Darshan To perceive; Vision
Das Servant
Dasharath; Dashrath The father of Lord Rama
Dasharathi Lord Rama
Datta One who is given; Donor
Daulat Wealth
Daya Kindness
Dayaamay; Dayamayee Full of mercy; Kind
Dayaananda One who takes joy in being merciful
Dayal; Dayaal Kind and merciful; Kind hearted
Dayalu Compassionate; Lord Shiva
Deenanath; Dinanath Protector of poor; Lord of the poor
Deendayal; Deenadayaal; Dindayal Friend of poor; Humble and merciful
Deep Light; The lamp of light
Deepabali; Deepavali; Deepawali Row of lamps
Deepak Lamp; Light
Deepan Lighting up; Illumination
Deepankar; Dipankar One who lights lamps
Deependra; Dipendra Lord of lights
Deependu Bright Moon

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