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Bangalore is one of the fastest growing cities in South India. More Information on Bangalore (Bengaluru) city is presented here.
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Bangalore City Guide

Bangalore City Guide - Bangalore city is better known as IT hub of India. Find useful information relating to travel, restaurants, business, shopping and culture in the city of Bangalore.

A hugely cosmopolitan city, Bengaluru is India's most-preferred city to relocate to' but still retains its gentle, small-town heart. Like every other Indian city, Bangalore or Bengaluru is a study in contrasts. Over the last five years the city has come to the world's notice and has even entered the English lexicon, as a verb, (to get 'Bengalored' means to lose your job to someone in Bengaluru). Today, more expatriates live and work in Bengaluru than in any other Indian city, and hotels and serviced apartments are full of people in the process of relocating to India's 'intellectual capital'.

Bangalore City Information

Bangalore City Guide  
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