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This shopping guide for Bhopal provides detail on shopping markets available in the city. New Market in TT Nagar and the Chowk in old city are prime shopping places in Bhopal.
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Shopping in Bhopal

Shopping in BhopalShopping in Bhopal - The charm of shopping in Bhopal is in strolling down the streets and lanes of the old city with old havelis and revered mosques and glancing at the wares and paraphernalia that hawkers have laid out.

The two main shopping areas in Bhopal are the New Market in TT Nagar and the Chowk in the old city. The MP government's Mrignayani emporium and the handicrafts emporium are the quintessential handicraft showrooms to pick up souvenirs, keepsakes and cute knick knacks. Other important products here are raw silk fabric and clothing, tussar and Chanderi silk. The Women's Co-op Zari Center, Pir Gate, is another handicraft center that sells products intricately embellished by fine zari work and dazzling chiffon saris. Other important produce is the fine tussar silks, trademark of Bhopal.

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