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Home to famous Hindu temples, Bhubaneswar is a perfect modern city of Orissa. Get to know more on Bhubaneswar with this city guide.
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Bhubaneswar City Guide

Bhubaneswar City Guide - The capital of Orissa has metamorphosed into a rapidly expanding metropolis in the last few years. Bhubaneshwar is a well-planned city. It is still dotted by monuments and exhibits both the outward characteristics of a modern state capital as well as the enduring spirit of ancient Orissa. The changing skyline and commercial districts have now been joined by the tourism sector, with new upscale hotels, international apparel outlets, shopping malls and excellent dining out options.

Get details on business and trade activities in the capital city of Orissa under this Bhubaneswar city guide

Bhubaneshwar City Guide  

State: Odisha
District: Khordha
Major Attractions: Lingaraj Temple, Nandankanan Zoological Park, Udayagiri and Khandagiri Caves, Dhauli and Rajarani Temple
Languages: Oriya, English and Hindi
Best Time to Visit: October to March

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