The annual International Mango Festival in Delhi features more than 1000 varieties of Mango. Know more on Delhi Mango Festival 2019 dates and event schedule.

International Mango Festival in Delhi

Mango Festival Delhi 2019

When: 09 to 10 July, 2019

Where: Dilli Haat Janakpuri Delhi, India


International Mango Festival Delhi

Mango Festival Delhi - Mango, the irresistible tropical fruit, retains its place as the 'king of fruits' in people's minds. Owing to its goodness of health and taste, it wields its own magic every year as the whole country waits for its first flourish to hit the seasonal fruit market. In this light, the International Mango Festival, Delhi is a great opportunity for mango lovers to start the summer season on a fresh and juicy note. A brainchild of the Delhi government, the entire exhibition is organized by its tourism and transportation agency as well as APEDA, its export agency. The Delhi Mango Festival is held every year, ever since its inception in 1987. It is a huge platform that brings together people from all parts of the country, gourmands, sellers and growers to interact and create and generate awareness about the various varieties and uses of the succulent fruit.

The International Mango Festival, Delhi is a two-day festival that is totally engrossing even as mango lovers embark on a two-day journey of fun and frolic as well as exploration into traditional mango varieties as well as the new hybrid versions. It is a level playing field for growers and horticulturists who showcase specialties of mangoes from mango-growing regions such as Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, Himachal Pradesh and Haryana. Mango growers are encouraged to compete in different categories and in various kinds of competitions. The Delhi Mango Festival is no less exciting for avid learners who can visit stalls and kiosks manned by reputed hotel chefs ready to share creative food recipes, mango-based delicacies and quick-fixes like shakes as well as desserts with a twist. The festival also offers interesting lessons on mango carving.

International Mango Festival, Delhi - Features
The scale of the event is massive and worth a visit for everyone. The festival is an ideal place for agro-industries, consortiums and food-processing SEZs to showcase their range of jams, pickles, papads, pulp, fruit squashes and 'aam panna' concentrate, essences and tinned fruit. As past trends indicate, well over 1100 varieties of mangoes along with some exotic species of this succulent fruit make entry into the festival in various categories. Among the most savored and recognized mango varieties on display are Langda, Malda, Dasheri, Alphonso, Chausa, Sindheri, Himgiri, Bombay Green while a growing number of hybrid species find their way into the festival each year. The International Mango Festival, Delhi 2019 also promises to be a fantastic extravaganza with a huge turnout.

The International Mango Festival, Delhi acquires an international tone as tourists and interested buyers from abroad come looking for business opportunities. Buying of mango plants is allowed. The festival enjoys a lot of support from the Delhi government in the mango trade and attracts buyers from all over the world.

The Mango Festival, Delhi 2019 will be held from 09 July to 10 July at Dilli Haat, Janak Puri. The International Mango Festival, Delhi is organized at the most opportune time around the month of July, after the seasonal showers. It is an awaited event for a mango-lover who can experience fruit-tasting at the best time. It is an event that packs in musical programs such as renditions of folk songs on mango themes as well as competitive events like mango eating competitions and slogan writing competition.

The festival not only is a visual and mouth-watering treat, but also reminds us of our rootedness to this tropical fruit as a blessing from Mother Nature and how we must preserve this heritage. At the heart of Delhi Mango Festival lies the need for awareness about the versatility of the fruit, its rich varieties, gourmet value, and importance as an ingredient in appetizing dishes in both its raw and ripe forms. Beyond its known qualities, raw mangoes have healing properties and are known to protect against heat stroke as well as seasonal infections.