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This tourist guide on Goa features information on areas, restaurants, shopping and nightlife in Goa. Explore more on Goa with this information guide.
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Goa Guide

Goa Guide - Goa, the premier beach destination of India, gets more popular by the year. There is something about Goa that has attracted visitors, both Indian and foreign, for years and this looks like the single most popular place for the Indians.

Over the years, Goa has gone from a tiny, sleepy collection of villages to a vibrant, cosmopolitan place, where one finds much more than just beaches. Although the beaches are the main attraction, it is largly the ambience of Goa that makes a visitor return again and again. Going to Goa for at least one annual holiday is an accepted thing. Not only that, but Goa holds true again for both Indians and foreigners. No worder then that this new international melting pot offers some fantastic choice in leisure and relaxing.

Goa Guide

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Goa Guide
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