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Census of India collects data related to Population in India and helps government in planning their resources and Policies. Know more Population Census of India 2011.
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Census of India

Present Population of India in 2015 is 1,288,672,990 (1.28 billion)

Population Census of India 2011 - The Census of India 2011 which started on 1st of April in 2010 was a historical landmark in Indian history. This was the largest census in human history till date ever done by any government in the world. Government of India collected data from each and every household in the states and union territories of India. The Census 2011 is the 15th National Census of India undertaken by the government after a gap of 10 years. However this year, the Government of India added another task to prepare a National Population Register (NPR) along with census data. Over the years, Indian census has been a reliable source of information on Demography, Economic Activity, Literacy and Education, Housing and Household Amenities, Urbanization, Fertility and Mortality, Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes, Language, Religion, Migration, Disability and many other socio-cultural and demographic data in India.

How Census of India works
The Census of India officials visit each and every household and collects data by asking questions and filling up census forms about each and every person. The data collected about each and every individual is kept confidential and safe. Therefore any information about a person and his identity is kept totally confidential.

The work of Population census has been divided into two phases. The first phase will cover House listing and Housing Census. This will be completed in the months of April and July in 2010. The dates are adjustable according to time and situations in a particular state and Union territory. The second phase which will start from 9th of February in 2011 will cover Population Enumeration throughout the country. The second phase of Population census will finish on 28th February in 2011.

Census of India 2011

Census of India 2011 in States and UT Start Date End Date
Andaman and Nicobar Island 01-04-2010 15-05-2010
Andhra Pradesh 26-04-2010 10-06-2010
Arunachal Pradesh 15-04-2010 31-05-2010
Assam 01-04-2010 15-05-2010
Bihar 15-05-2010 30-06-2010
Chandigarh 15-04-2010 31-05-2010
Chhattisgarh 01-05-2010 15-05-2010
Dadra and Nagar Haveli 21-04-2010 04-06-2010
Daman and Diu 21-04-2010 04-06-2010
Delhi 01-05-2010 15-06-2010
Goa 01-04-2010 15-05-2010
Gujarat 21-04-2010 04-06-2010
Haryana 01-05-2010 15-06-2010
Himachal Pradesh 07-04-2010 22-05-2010
Jammu and Kashmir 15-05-2010 30-06-2010
Jharkhand 15-06-2010 30-07-2010
Karnataka 15-04-2010 01-06-2010
Kerala 07-04-2010 22-05-2010
Lakshadweep 07-04-2010 22-05-2010
Madhya Pradesh 07-05-2010 22-06-2010
Maharashtra 01-05-2010 15-06-2010
Manipur 15-05-2010 30-06-2010
Meghalaya 01-04-2010 15-05-2010
Mizoram 15-05-2010 30-06-2010
Nagaland 01-06-2010 15-07-2010
Orissa 07-04-2010 22-05-2010
Puducherry 01-06-2010 15-07-2010
Punjab 01-05-2010 15-06-2010
Rajasthan 15-05-2010 30-06-2010
Sikkim 07-04-2010 22-05-2010
Tamil Nadu 01-06-2010 15-07-2010
Tripura 26-04-2010 10-06-2010
Uttar Pradesh 16-05-2010 30-06-2010
Uttarakhand 01-05-2010 15-06-2010
West Bengal 01-04-2010 15-05-2010

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