The business capital of India, Mumbai is the second most populous metro city of India. Get details on current population, sex ratio, and literacy rate in Mumbai (Bombay) in 2019.

Population of Mumbai in 2019

Population of Mumbai

Population of Mumbai - Mumbai is one of the most populated cities in the world. The densely populated metro city of India is home to over 23 million people. Like other metros of India, the population of Mumbai has also grown rapidly in last 20 years. It is one of the largest cities of India in terms of population, business and trade activities. A large majority of population in Mumbai are migrants from other states of India. This migrant population who come and stays here in search of better employment opportunities is one of the significant factors in rising population of Bombay. According to 1991 census, the population of Mumbai was only 9.9 million; So Population of Mumbai has been rising at an alarming rate in the last 20 years. This population explosion in Amchi Mumbai has caused serious health related problems for the government officials. A large number of Populations in Mumbai city lives in Slums and other residential areas. Mumbai has a Population density of 20,482 persons per square kilometer which is relatively very high. This large population of Mumbai includes dabbawala, stock broker, diamond merchant, Bollywood producer or even the local paanwalla.

Current Population of Mumbai in 2019
Current Population of Mumbai Metropolitan Region is estimated to be 23,056,731 (2.3 crore). This region consists of Mumbai city along with attached towns. Mumbai city Population is estimated to be 12,967,483 in 2019. In year 2018, total population of Bombay was 12,851,726 (12.8 million).

Population of Mumbai in 2017
Population of Mumbai was 22.5 million in 2017.

Population of Mumbai in 2015
Population of Mumbai, the lifeline of Maharashtra is estimated to be over 22 million people. The city ranks at number 6 spot in terms of most populated cities in the world. According to various Government sources, Mumbai metropolitan area is one of the most densely populated areas in India.

Population of Mumbai in 2014
According to estimated figures, the historical city of Mumbai was home to over 21.5 million people in 2014. Mumbai is also one of the most densely populated urban agglomerations in the world.

Population of Mumbai in 2013
Mumbai has experienced a massive growth in its population in the last 50 years. The city was home to over 21 million people in year 2013.

What is the Population of Mumbai
Current Population of Mumbai is estimated to be 22,869,736 (22.8) people. Population density in the city is considered to be one of the highest in the world.

Population composition in Mumbai
Hinduism continued to be the largest religion in Mumbai with 67.30% Hindu population. Muslims with 18.56% population forms the second largest religious community in the city. The religions of Buddhists (5.22%), Jains (3.99%), Christians (4.2%) and Sikhs (0.58%) have also significance presence in Mumbai. Parsis and Jews making up for the rest of the population. Marathi is the official language of Mumbai.

Population Growth in Mumbai
Mumbai - one of the India's leading cosmopolitan cities is home to more than 20 million people. There has been significant rise in population of Mumbai in the last 20 years. There are several factors which contribute to the population growth like migration of population and health measures taken by the government. Awareness of population programs especially in the slum and remote areas has help in check the rising population. Check out Population of Mumbai in the last 50 years.

Mumbai Wards & Districts: Population & Density by Sector 2001

* Estimated figures.