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Tamil Nadu is currently home to over 74 million people in India. Get details on population, sex ratio, literacy rate and religion in Tamil Nadu.
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Population of Tamil Nadu

Current Population of Tamil Nadu in 2013 74,319,357
Population of Tamil Nadu in 2012 73,221,042
Population of Tamil Nadu in 2011 72,138,958
Sex Ratio in Tamil Nadu 995 females per 1,000 males

Population of Tamil Nadu - The fascinating state of Tamil Nadu is the emerging hub of technology and modern lifestyle in India. Home to several ancient monuments and temples, destinations in Tamil Nadu are very popular among tourist from all over the world. Tamil Nadu is one of the most developed states of India with 44% of its population living in urban areas. With a population of 74,319,357, Tamil Nadu is seventh most populous state in India. The state witnessed a growth of 15.6% in its population between years 2001 to 2011. In this decade, there is an increase of 4% in population of Tamil Nadu in comparison to last decade of 1991-2001. Currently Tamil Nadu is home to 74 million people in India. Every year Tamil Nadu adds 1.5% more people to its population which is considered as a decent growth as compared to other states of India. The capital city of Chennai is home to nearly 5 million in the state. According to Census of India 2011, total Population of Tamil Nadu was estimated to be 72,138,958. This figure further went up to 73,221,042 in year 2012.

Population of Tamil NaduCurrent Population of Tamil Nadu in 2013
Current Population of Tamil Nadu in 2013 is estimated to be 74,319,357 (7.4 Crore). The state also maintains a good sex ratio of 995 females for every 1000 males. Tamil Nadu is one of the top states of India as far as education is concerned. Out of total population, 80% of people in Tamil Nadu are literates.

Population of Tamil Nadu in 2012
In Year 2012, total population of Tamil Nadu was 73,221,042. The state added another 1 million people to its large population in the year 2012. The sex ratio was recorded at 995 while literacy rate was above 80% in Tamil Nadu.

Growth of Population in Tamilnadu
Going by the current figures, Population of Tamil Nadu is growing at a rapid rate. In the last 10 years, the state population has witnessed a growth of 15.6% to its total population. Population of Tamil Nadu has doubled in the last 60 years; from a small figure of 30 million in 1951, it currently stands at 74 million in 2013. Comparing it with other states of India, Growth of Population in Tamil Nadu is not alarming but decent. Every year, Tamil Nadu adds 1 million more people to its population.

Literacy Rate in Tamil Nadu
Tamil Nadu is one of the top performing states in terms of Literacy rate in India. The state has shown decent improvement in its literacy rate in the last 10 years beginning from 2001. More than 80% of the total population in Tamil Nadu is literates, this figure is far better than national average of 74% in India. Government of Tamil Nadu has played a vital role in providing a better education system in the rural as well as urban areas of the state.

Population by Religion in Tamil Nadu
Hinduism is most dominant religion in Tamil Nadu with over 88% of the total population is Hindus. Christians and Muslims together form the rest proportion of population in the state. People of other origin and culture are mainly based in city of Chennai. Hindu, Muslim and Christian festivals are celebrated with great devotion and fun in Tamil Nadu. Tamil is the official language of the state. English and Hindi are also widely spoken in Tamil Nadu.

Growth of Population in Tamil Nadu

Year Population Growth Rate
1951 30,119,000 -
1961 33,687,000 +11.8%
1971 41,199,000 +22.3%
1981 48,408,000 +17.5%
1991 55,859,000 +15.4%
2001 62,406,000 +11.7%
2011 72,138,958 +15.6%

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