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Our Restaurants in Ahmedabad section provides a detail on all the famous restaurants in the city offering food from tradition Gujarati recipes to continental and Italian dishes.

Restaurants in Ahmedabad

Restaurants in Ahmedabad - Surat ka jaman aur Banaras ka maran (dining at Surat and dying at Varanasi), it is said, is the way to heaven. Whether Surat upholds this statement or not, Ahmedabad more than makes up. The city is a delightful place for gourmands. An awareness and appreciation about different culinary styles is increasing and one can now find cuisine from Continental to Italian being served alongside Indian, as well as many fast food outlets gaining in popularity.

Gujarati Cuisine
Ahmedabad is the best place to savour traditional Gujarati cuisine. The best place to try Gujarati food is at the theme restaurant Vishala (Opp. Vasna Tolnaka), near Sarkhej, which has a 23-dish menu. Another interesting option is Agashiye, a part of the metro-Heritage hotel (Opp Sidi Saiyed Jali, Lal Darwaza) which has separate open spaces for lunch and dinner. Conventional restaurants offering Gujarati thalis are Toran, Pakwaan Dining Hall (Opp. V.S. Hospital) and Gopi Dining Hall (Opp. Town Hall), all on Ahsram Road, and Chetna (Relief Road).

Hookah Parlours
Ahmedabad has added a unique feature to its dining pleasures. Hookah, the old Indian smoking device, that used water to filter the tobacco smoke, has been revived. Traditionally, the hookah also served as a social bond for villagers or clubs where it was passed around from one to the other in the group. Two restaurants in the city have now added special spaces for people to enjoy a clean smoking experience - Mocha (pronounced Moka) at IIM gate, Vastrapur and Grand Bhagwati on S.G. Highway. However, at the latter the tobacco is replaced by different flavours in the chillum. So now go ahead and enjoy a clean smoke without remorse.

Street Dining
As in many other cities in India Street dining in Ahmedabad too is an enjoyable outing in the evening. Moreover, there is a distinct demarcation of areas by cuisine. The walled city, with its large Muslim population is where you would go for non-vegetarian food and kebabs. Bhatiyar Gali, near Lal Darwaza comes alive every evening with numerous road-side stalls selling a variety of freshly cooked kebabs and curries. Across the river, Law Garden and in the suburban Judges; Bunglow Road the street stalls dispense only vegetarian food.

Fine Dining in Ahmedabad:

Khyber Restaurant
Fortune Hotel Landmak
Address: Ashram Road,
Contact: 27552929
Timings: 7 pm - 11 pm
The north-western frontier cuisine specialty restaurant beside serving excellent food offers just as spectacular views of the city skyline from its roof-top perch.

La Vista Restaurant
Address: Khanpur Road,
Ahmedabad-380 001
Contact: + 91 - 79 - 25601234
Timings: 6.30 am - 10.30 am, 11 am - 3 pm, 7 pm - 11 pm
The bright atmosphere and river-front lend it a lightness that goes well with Indian cuisine. There is a large buffet comprising 15-18 offerings in the centre of the room for breakfast and lunch on all days and for dinner too on Friday to Sunday. Do try the Goan fish curry here.

Tea Centre
Address: Vijay Char Rasta,
Navrangpura Ahmedabad
Contact: 55136369
Tea centre is an effort to revive and re-invent tea, and to make it a popular drink among the youth. This place serves many varieties of tea - flavoured and mocktails. Besides tea, snacks are also served. The delightful interiors match the light green colour of the tea bud that gives a relaxed feel to the space.

La Feasta Restaurant
Address: 4th Level,
Crystal Square, Ahmedabad
Contact: 26403048
La Feasta is one of the hottest places for fine dining in the city. The menu though purely vegetarian is a scrumptious spread of popular Italian dishes. For risottos, pasta spaghetti, lasagna and enchiladas, La Feasta is the place to be.

Copper Chimney Restaurant
Address: Sapphire complex,
Contact: 26563562, 26447722
Serving north Indian delicacies. Copper Chimney is the perfect place for quality food. The polished wood and green upholstery gives the place a warm ambience. The non-veg platters served here are a must.