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This section on Areas in Amritsar offers information on shopping, residential and post areas in the city.

Areas in Amritsar

Areas in Amritsar - The downtown in Amritsar reflects various facets - religious, regal and modern.

The old city still remains the primary focus for all. Primarily because of the Golden Temple, the most revered shrine of the Sikhs. Hall Bazaar, the main road leading to it, is about the busiest street in the city. Shops and boutiques of every shade line its two sides. While the narrow alleys and lanes radiating from it house the wholesale trade of the city.

The area enclosed by Court Road, the Mall and Lawrence Road has emerged as the new downtown. The centerpiece of this district is the spacious, verdant grounds of Ram Bagh. Court Road and Lawrence Road have transformed into a prime shopping and business district. All major hotels of the city are centred around this area too and the railway station is just a stone's throw away.

Ranjit Avenue District Centre is the new development downtown, surrounded as it is with some of the prime residential sectors. It's spacious precincts already house some of the prime shopping and dining options of the city. And the area is a buzz with activity throughout the day and evening.