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There are numerous shopping places in Amritsar where you can shop for almost everything. Get details on shopping places in Amritsar.

Shopping in Amritsar

Shopping in Amritsar - The city no longer revolves around the traditional - Punjabi juti and papparwarian - shopping. Today, every major global and domestic brand is looking for attention in trendy markets. The mall-culture, that infected the city only a couple of years ago, has suddenly gained pace with many new ones already lining the streets and many more getting ready. Lawrence Road and The Mall are more in focus and offer some of the best shopping for global brands in almost every product variety.

Central Mall along The Mall is visible from a distance as it towers over the elegant bungalows of the avenue and house one of the best department stores in the city, Ebony. Here you can buy anything from fine china (including international brands), clothing and fabric, bags and travel gear, music and film DVDs, toys and sporting goods, gifts and bouquets, etc. Along the same road is Platinum Plaza, another, small mall that houses Talwar Furnishing and Sardar Hall Stopover specializing in apparel.

Amritsar is a large producer of woollen blankets with weaving mills distributed throughout its industrial districts. Other products are industrial manufactures, utensils, etc. The city is also a very famous and major producer of pappar and warian, spicy foodstuff. Every large producer of blankets and hosiery goods has an office/outlet at Katra Sher Singh near the Golden Temple. Guru Bazaar and Hall Bazaar, also in the same area, are the places to buy jewellery and papparwarian.

Shopping Places in Amritsar

  • Hall Bazaar
  • Guru Bazar
  • Katra Jaimal Singh Market
  • Kapda Bazaar
  • Mishri Bazaar
  • Papad-Warian Bazaar