This section offers a list of Indian baby boy names starting with letter F and their meanings.

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Indian Baby Boy Names Starting with F

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Indian Baby Boy Names Starting with Letter F

Faatin Captivating
Fadwa Name derived from self-sacrifice
Faisal Decisive; Sword
Faiyaz Artistic
Faiz Gain; Victorious
Fakaruddin Pride of religion; Glory of the faith
Fakeer; Fakir A saintly person
Fakhruddin Glory of the faith; Pride of religion
Falaagam Producer of fruit

Falak The sky; Heaven
Falgu River
Falgun; Faalgun A month in the Hindu calendar; Born in Falgun - a Hindu month
Fanibhusan Shiv; Mahadev
Fanish; Phanish The cosmic serpent - Sheshnag
Faraz On the top; Above; Equitable
Farbod Right; Orthodox
Fardeen; Fardin One who has triple strength; First month of the Parsi year when the sun is in Aries
Farhad Happiness; An Iranian musician and singer
Farhat Happiness; Delight
Farid Unique; Matchless; Wide
Fariel Star
Farjad Excellent; Eminent in learning
Farooque; Farokh Power of discrimination; Fortunate; Variant of 'Farukh'
Farrokh Happy; Fortunate

Farshad Soul of the sphere of Mercury
Farukh Power of discrimination; Fortunate; Happy
Farvardin First month of Iranian calendar
Farzad Splendid birth
Farzan Wise
Farzin Learned
Fateh The victorious one; Victory
Fatehpal The protector of victory
Fatik Crystal
Fazel Learned; Decisive
Ferdows; Firdows Paradise
Feroz Name of a king; Winner; Successful
Firdaus Paradise
Firouz Victorious; Name of a Sassani King
Firoze; Firoz Gift; Winner; Victorious; Name of a king
Firyal Adornment
Forum Fragrance
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