This section offers a list of Indian baby boy names starting with letter V and their meanings.

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Indian Baby Boy Names Starting with V

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Indian Baby Boy Names Starting with Letter V

Vaibhav Prosperity
Vajramani Diamond
Varun Lord of water

Vasav Lord Indra
Vasu Property
Vasudev Father of Krishna
Vasudeva The father of the God Krishna
Vedang; Vedanga Part of the sacred knowledge
Veer Brave
Vidhya Wisdom; Relevant to Goddess Durga/Saraswati
Vidur; Vidhur Skilful; Expert; Wise; The wisest minister of King Dhrutarashtra's cabinet in great Indian Epic
Vihaan Dawn
Vijay Victory; Strong and victorious
Vikas Progress; Development
Vikasith Developed
Vikram Bravery

Vikrant Powerful; Courageous; Conqurer of the World; Victorious; Fearless
Vimal Pure
Vinay Polite
Vinod; Binod Pleasing; Happiness; Joy
Virendar; Virender Variant of 'Virendra'
Virochan Moon; Fire
Vishal Big; Giant
Vishnu; Bishnu The protector; An important Hindu God
Vishwa The whole world
Vishwamitra Friend of the universe; One of the most venerated sages in India since ancient time
Vivek Conscience; Intelligence; True Knowledge; Judgement
Vyas The arranger
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