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Celebrity Boy Names

Celebrity Baby Boy Names

Aamir Populous; Full; Prosperous
Aaryan; Aryan Illustrious; Noble; Spiritual
Abbas Description of a Lion
Abhi Fearless
Abhijeet Victorious; One who has been/has conquered
Abhijit Victorious
Abhinay Expression
Abhishek Ritual; An auspicious bath for a deity
Aditya The sun
Aftab; Aftaab The sun
Ajay Unconquered; Invincible
Ajinkya Invincible
Ajit; Ajeet Victorious; Invincible; Unconquerable
Akash; Aakaash Sky
Akshay Immortal; Everlasting; Indestructible
Akshayakumaar; Akshay Kumar Indestructible Prince
Alok Nath Variant of 'Alok'
Ali God; Excellent; Noble; Sublime
Aman Peace; The one who is peaceful
Amar Immortal; Everlasting
Ambarish Lord Shiva; Vishnu; The King of the sky
Ameer Commander; Prince; Khalifah
Amit Limitless; Endless
Amitabh; Amitaabh Unlimited; One with boundless splendour; Boundless lustre
Amol Priceless
Amrish Lord Indra
Amzad More Glorious
Anand; Aanand Joy; Bliss
Ananth; Anant Endless; Infinite
Anil Wind
Anjan Eye Liner
Annu A prefix; Atom
Ansel Nobel
Anuj Younger Brother
Anup Incomparable
Anupam Incomparable
Aravind; Arvind Lotus
Arjun Son of lord Indra; One of the Pandava brothers
Arshad Pious; Devout; Religious
Arun Sun; The dawn
Arya Civilized; The best
Ashish Blessing
Ashok Without sadness
Ashutosh; Aashutosh One who fulfills wishes instantly
Asish Blessing
Atul Uncomparable; Matchless
Avinash Indestructible
Ayub Messenger of God; A biblical prophet's name
Baba Sweet Baby; Born on Thursday
Babu A Hindu gentleman; a native clerk who writes English; a Hindu title answering to Mr.
Bala Child; Young one
Balachander Young Moon
Balachandra Young Moon; Crescent moon
Balakrishna Young Krishna; Childhood of Krishna
Balakumar Young Prince
Balraj Elder brother of Sri Krishna; Strong; Mighty King
Barclay Meadow of Birch Trees
Bhagwan God; Ishwar
Bhanu The sun
Bharat Being maintained; The name of the Hindu God of fire
Biju Jewel
Bipin Forest
Biswajeet; Vishwajeet; Vishwajit Winner of the world; Victory on the world
Bobby Short form of Robert - Bright Fame
Brahmaji Variant of 'Brahma'
Brahmanandam; Brahmaanand The supreme joy

Bruce Brushwood
Chandrachur Lord Shiva
Chandraprakash; Chandraprakaash One who has moon as a crest; Light of the moon; Relevant to Lord Shiva
Chunkey Strong; Healthy
Charan Feet; A humble person; God's feet
Charlie Cutest boy
Chetan; Chaten; Chaitan Perceptive; Consciousness; Life; Excellent Intelligence
Chiranjeevi Immortal; Lord Vishnu
Danny God of my judge
Dara Lord; God
Darshan To perceive; Vision
Deepak Lamp; Light
Dev; Deb Divinity; God
Devanand Divine joy; Joy of god
Deven Like a God
Devraj; Devraaj Lord lndra; King of Devas; King of gods
Dhanu The bow
Dharmender; Dharminder; Dharmendra Lord of dharma & righteousness; Lord of religion
Dhirendra; Dheerendra; Dheerandra Lord of the brave; Couragious
Dhyan Meditation
Dilip A King
Esmaeel; Ishmael Son of Abraham; God hears
Faisal Decisive; Sword
Fardeen; Fardin One who has triple strength; First month of the Parsi year when the sun is in Aries
Farhad Happiness; An Iranian musician and singer
Farooque; Farokh Power of discrimination; Fortunate; Variant of 'Farukh'
Farukh Power of discrimination; Fortunate; Happy
Feroz Name of a king; Winner; Successful
Firdaus Paradise
Gemini; Gemine Twin
Gulzar A garden with flowers; Rose Garden; An inhabited town
Girish Lord of Mountains; Shiv; Mahadev
Gopi; Gopee A cowherd; Protector of cows
Gopichand A king of ancient India
Gourinath; Gaurinath Lord Shiva; God Shankar
Goutham Variant of 'Gautam'
Govind Another name of Lord Krishna; Cowherd
Govinda; Gobinda A cowherd, one who is good at finding cows; Lord Krishna
Govindarajulu Variant of 'Govinda'
Gulam Slave; Servant
Gulshan Garden of flowers
Guru Dutt Bestowed by a Guru/Teacher
Gurudas Servant of the Guru
Habib Friend; Beloved
Harbhajan Lord's devotee; The one who prays of God
Hari God Vishnu; God Narayanan; Lord Krishna; The one belonging to God; He who removes evil
Harish Lord Vishnu
Harnath; Harinath Variant of 'Hari'; God
Hemachander Golden Moon
Hemant One of the six season; Gold
Himanshu Another Name of Chandra
Hrishitaa; Hrishita; Rishita Joyful; Who brings happiness; Deep Knowledge; The best
Hritik; Hrithik Name of a Sage; Intelligent Person; From the Heart
Ibrahim; Ibraham Father of a multitude; a Prophet's name (Abraham); Earth
Ilayaraja Prince
Inder; Indra The god of weather and war; Lord of the devas
Jack; Jackie God is gracious; Diminutive of Jack
Jagapathi; Jagpati Lord of the universe
Jai Conqueror; Defeater; The victorious one
Jairam Victory of Lord Rama
Jaishankar Victory of Lord Shiva
Janardhan; Janardan One who helps people
Javed Immortal; Eternal
Jawahar Jewel
Jay Victory
Jayaram Greatness of Lord Rama; Victory of Lord Rama
Jeevan; Jivan Life
Jimmy Supplanter; Variant of 'Jacob'
Jitendra; Jitender One who can conquer Indra; Lord of conqueror; The powerful conqueror
John Gift of God
Johny; Johnny Variant of 'John'
Joy Happiness; Variant of 'Jai'
Jugal Couple
Kabeer; Kabir Name of a famous poet-saint; A mystic poet or poet sants of India
Kailash Adobe of Lord Shiva; Name of a Himalayan peak

Kalyan Welfare; Fortunate
Kamal Lotus; Perfection; Excellence; Completion
Kamaljeet; Kamaljit Achiever of perfection; Variant of 'Kamal'
Kanta Radiant
Karan A warrior
Karthik; Kartik Name of a month in the Hindu calendar; Bestowing Courage and Pleasure
Karunanidhi Kind Hearted
Kiran A ray of light
Krishnam Lord Krishna; Variant of 'Krishna'
Kulbhushan Ornament of the family
Kumar Prince; A boy or son
Kunal Son of The emperor Ashok; Lotus; Of gold; Golden
Lakshmikant Husband of Goddess Lakshmi; Lord Vishnu
Lawrence; Laurence Crowned with laurel
Livingston From Lewin's Town
Madan God of Love
Madhavan Lord Krishna
Madhu Sweet; Variant of 'Madhu'
Mahesh Lord Shiva; A great ruler
Mahipal Lord Krishna; A king
Mahmood; Mahmoud; Mahmud Praised one; Praiseworthy; The Prophet of Islam
Manhar Lord Krishna
Manivannan Related name of Lord Ayyappa
Manmohan Lord Krishna; Pleasing
Manohar One who steals the heart
Mazhar Appearance
Milind Honey Bee
Mithun A friend; Couple; A pair
Mohan Beauteous; Attractive; Charming
Mohanlal Variant of 'Mohan'
Mohit Attracted
Mohnish Lord Krishna
Mukammal; Mukkamala Complete
Mukesh Lord Shiva; Cupid
Mukul Bud; Soul; Blossom
Munish Lord Buddha
Muthuraman Beloved Pearl
Naga; Naag A big serpent; Cobra
Nagabhushanam God Shankar; Lord Shiva
Nagarajan; Nagaraj King of the serpents
Nagendra Lord of the mountains; King of snakes; Seshnag
Nageswara Lord Shiva
Nakul One of among five Pandavas; Twin brother of Sahdev
Nasir; Naseer Defender; Supporter; Success
Nasser Variant of 'Nasir'
Naveen; Navin New
Navin New
Nawab The powerful influencer; A governor in India during the Mughal empire
Nazar Eyesight; Vision
Nazir Observer; Supervisor
Nirmal Pure; Clean
Nitin New; Master of the right path
Om Omkar; Creation; The essence of life
Om Prakash The light of creation; Light of the essence of life
Paresh Supreme Spirit
Pran Life; Vital breath
Raj Kumar Prince
Ranjit; Ranjeet The delighted one; Victorious; One who is entertained
Ritesh Lord of Seasons; Lord of truth
Sadashiv; Sadashiva Eternal God; God Shankar
Sanjay Dhritarashtra's charioteer; Triumphant
Saurabh Fragrance
Shaan Glory
Shashi Moon
Shekhar; Sekar Ultimate; Crest; Peak; The crown of divine knowlege
Sunil; Suneel Dark blue; Sapphire
Sunny Sunshine; Cheerful
Tushar Snow; Winter
Udit Shining; Grown
Vivek Conscience; Intelligence; True Knowledge; Judgement
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