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Christian Girl Names

Christian Girl Names - Here is a comprehensive guide on Christian Girl Names with their meanings. This list below offers popular Christian Girl Names along with their meanings.

Christian Baby Girl Names

Abigail Source of Joy
Ada Prosperous, Happy
Adelaide Noble; Of Good Cheer
Adrienne Feminine of Adrian
Agatha The Good
Agnes Pure; Gentle
Aileen Light
Aimee Beloved
Aindrila Female Star
Alanna Fair
Alarice Ruler of All
Alda Rich
Alexandra Helper of Mankind
Alice Noble; Of Good Cheer
Alina Fair
Alison Of Sacred Fame
Alma Nourishing
Amanda Loveable
Amaryllis Fresh; Sparkling
Amber Jewel
Ana Playful; Wanted
Anastasia One who shall rise again
Andrea Feminine of Andrew
Angela Angelic
Angelica Italian form of Angela
Anita; Aneeta Grace
Ann; Anne Grace; Mercy
Anna Graceful
Annabelle Joy
Annette Grace
Annie Grace
Anthea Flower-Like
April To open up
Ariana Silvery
Arleen A Pledge
Audrey Strong
Aurel Golden Angel
Barbara; Bobbie Strange
Beata Blessed
Beatrice; Beatrix She Who Blesses
Becky The Ensnarer
Belinda Pretty
Belle; Bella Beautiful
Bernadette Feminine for Bernard
Bernice Bringer of Victory
Bertha; Berta Bright or Glorious
Bertina Bright; Shining
Beryl A Jewel
Bess Consecrated to God
Beth; Bethany Worshiper of God
Bettina Consecrated to God
Beverly From a Beaver Meadow
Bianca White
Blair Dweller of the Plain
Blanche White or Fair
Blessy Blessing
Blythe Free Spirit
Bonnie Fair; Lovely
Brenda Flame
Breonna Just Pretty
Briana Noble; Virtuous. The feminine of Brian
Brigid; Bridget Power and Virtue
Brittany; Britney From Britain
Brooke The Brook

Caitlin The Celtic form of Catherine
Camille Swiftness of Foot
Carissa Tender Touch
Carla Feminine of Charles
Carly Form of Caroline
Carmen Crimson or Red
Carrie; Carol; Caroline Song of Joy
Catherine Pure
Celina Heaven
Charity Affection
Charlene Small Beauty
Chelsea Port; Harbour
Cherise Cherry
Cheryl Beloved
Chloe Blooming
Christine Christian Faith
Claire; Clare Clear and Bright
Clarissa Famous
Coral Small Stone
Courtney Royal Attendent
Cynthia Moon Goddess
Danielle Judged only by GOD; Feminine of Daniel
Daphne Laurel Tree
Darlene Tenderly Beloved
Davida Feminie of David
Dawn Breaking of Day
Deborah The Bee
Deirdre Sorrow
Delilah Pining with Desire
Denise Form of Dennis
Diana; Diane Virgin Goddess
Dolie Beautiful; Doll-like
Dominica The Lord's
Dominique Belonging to God
Donna Lady or Mistress
Dora A Gift
Doris Of the Sea
Drucilla Dewey Eyes
Echo Return of Sound
Eda Wealthy
Edana Fiery
Edeline Noble; Good Cheer
Edith Rich Gift
Edlyn Noblewoman
Edna Pleasure
Edwina Valuable Friend
Effie Of Fair Fame
Eila; Ila The earth; Daughter of Manu
Eileen Light
Elaine Light
Eleanor Light
Elena Form of Helen
Elga Elfin Spear
Elina Woman with intelligence
Elise Form of Elizabeth
Eliza The Chosen; Unique; Precious

Fairlee From A Yellow Meadow
Faith Loyalty
Fancy Whimsical; Decorative
Farah Beautiful; Pleaant
Faren Wanderer
Farrah Beautiful; Pleaant
Farren Wanderer
Fay A Form of Faye
Faye A Form of Faith
Fayre Fair; Light Haired
Faythe A Form of Faith
Felberta Brilliant
Felicity A Form of Felicia
Fern Fern
Fernley From The Fern Meadow
Fira Fiery
Gerarda Brave Spearwoman
Gidget Giddy
Gilda Covered with Gold
Ginette A Form of Genevieve
Ginnifer White; Smooth; Soft
Ginny A Familiar Form of Ginger, Virginia
Giorgianna A Form of Georgeanna
Githa Gift
Gleda Happy
Godgifu A Form of Godiva
Godiva God's Present
Golda Gold
Goldie A Familiar Form of Golda
Goldine A Form of Golda
Gopika Gorgeous Girl
Graceann A Combination of Grace & Ann
Hayli A Form of Hayley
Haylie A Form of Hayley
Hazel Hazelnut Tree
Heather Signifies A Flower Associated with Scotland
Heaven Place of Beauty And Happiness
Heavenly A Form of Heaven
Hedy Sweet or Pleasant
Helli Light
Henna A Familiar Form of Henrietta
Henrietta Ruler of The Household
Hertha Child of The Earth
Hetta A Familiar Form of Henrietta
Hilary Cheerful or Happy
Hillary Cheerful; Happy
Hitee Love And Care
Hiya Heart
Ida Prosperous
Idalis A Form of Ida
Inu Attractive
Irvette Sea Friend
Jasmin Flower
Jonquil Botany
Jenita God's grace
Jennifer Fair one; Pure and yielding; White wave
Katherine; Catherine Pure
Katrina Pure
Kaydence Rhythm
Kenda Water Baby
Kimberly Chief, Ruler
Laura Laurel leaves; symbol of honor; victory
Linda Pretty
Laboni Graceful
Lark Skylark
Leoma Brilliant
Liana Meadow
Mona Peaceful; Noble one; Individual
Monica; Monika A wise counsellor
Monti A Short Form of Montgomery
Moona Moon
Morena Little Mary
Myla Merciful
Nancy Grace
Nara North
Natalie Christmas Day
Nedda Prosperous Guardian
Nell A Short Form of Nellie
Odella Wood Hill
Olivia A Form of Olga
Ona River
Ora Seacoast
Paige Young Child
Paiton Warrior's Town
Patience Signifying The Virtuous Quality
Patricia Congresswoman
Payge A Form of Paige
Queen Queen
Quella Quiet, Pacify
Quenna A Form of Queen
Quinn Signifies Queen
Rachael Ewe
Ramona Might Protector
Rhoda Greek For Rose
Roberta Bright Fame
Sable Sable; Sleek
Sara Precious; Princess; Pure; Excellent; Pleasant
Sabrina Princess
Sallie A Form of Sally
Scarlett Bright Red
Selina Star In The Sky
Senorita Sweet
Tina; Tyna River; An instrument; Christ's follower
Toya Water
Trilby Soft Hat
Tristabelle A Combination of Tristan & Belle
Tuesday Born On The Third Day of The Week
Udele Prosperous
Unique Unique
Unity Unity
Vanetta A Form of Vanessa
Vanity Vain
Varina Thorn
Velvet Velvety
Victoria Victorious
Wallis From Wales
Wanetta Pale Face
Wasila Healtly
Waverly Quaking Aspen-tree Meadow
Xena Hospitable
Yetta A Short Form of Henrietta
Yoko Positive Child or Female
Yolanda The Flower Violet
Zaina A Form of Zanna
Zanna A Short Form of Susanna
Zelene Sunshine
Zephrine Breeze
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