This section offers a list of Indian baby girl names starting with letter G and their meanings.

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Indian Baby Girl Names Starting with G

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Indian Baby Girl Names Starting with Letter G

Gagandeep; Gagandip Light of the sky
Gaganjot Light of the sky
Gambheera Serious; Variant of 'Gambheer'
Gamini Walk; To run
Gandhali Fragrance of flowers; Sweet scent
Ganga The Holy Indian River
Gargi An ancient scholar; Wise woman; Durga
Garima Grace; Divinity; Holiness; Importance
Gatha Any poem used for meditation; Sublime Songs
Gatleen Merged in freedom
Gatsharan Liberated by taking shelter of Guru
Gaurangi Beautiful; Coloured like a cow
Gauravi Honour
Gauri Goddess Parvati
Gautami River Godavari; Wife a sage Gautam
Gayatri Veda Mata - The mother of all Vedas; The most powerful of Sanskrit mantra
Geet Song; Melody
Geeta The holy book of the Hindus

Geetanjali; Gitanjali Collection of poems/songs; Presenting songs in a devoted manner
Gelsey A flower
Gemine; Gemini Twins
Ghanika; Ganika Flower
Gharcheen One who realizes the Home within
Ghassedak A flower (Dandelion)
Ghomti; Gomti Name of a river
Giaan; Gyan One having exalted divine knowledge
Giaandeep; Gyandeep Lamp of divine knowledge
Giaanleen; Gyanleen One absorbed in divine light
Giaanpreet; Gyanpreet One who loves the divine knowledge
Giaanroop; Gyanroop Embodiment of divine light
Giaanveer; Gyanveer Brave and divine in knowledge
Gina Silvery
Gira Language
Girja; Girija Goddess Parvati; Consort of Lord Shiva
Gita The hindu holy book
Gitali Melodious
Gitanjali An offering of songs; Melodious tribute
Gitashri Bhagavat Gita
Golab Rose water
Golbahar A flower (Winter Aconite); Spring flower
Golnar; Gulnar Flower of the Pomegranate tree
Golnaz; Gulnaz Cute like a flower; A flower (Sun plant, Stonecrop)
Golshan A flower garden
Gomati A River
Gopi A cowherd; cowherd woman; Milkmaid friends of Lord Krishna
Goral Dear

Gowri Goddess Parvati; Bright
Grishma; Greeshma Summer season
Gul Flower
Gulab Rose
Gulika Ball; a pearl
Gundeep Lamp of excellences
Guneet Full of talent
Gunjan Humming
Gunpreet The lover of excellences
Gunwanti; Gunvanti Virtuous; Full of virtues
Gurcharan One who takes shelter in Guru's Lotus Feet
Gurdeep Lamp of the Guru; Lamp of the teacher; Enlightened by the teacher
Gurinder Lord
Gurjeet One winning the Guru's heart
Gurjeevan One who lives a life as ordianed by Guru
Gurkeerat One who sings praises of the Guru
Gurkiran The ray of Guru's light
Gurleen One who is absorbed in the Guru
Gurmeet The friend of the Guru
Gurneet Guru's Moral
Gurnoor Light of God
Gurparveen Goddess of the stars
Gurpreet Love of Guru; One who loves the Guru
Gurshant Attaining peace through the Word of the Guru
Gursharan One who takes shelter in the Guru
Gursukh One who is blissful through Guru
Gurveer Warrior of the Guru
Gyani Full of knowledge; intelligent
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