Want to bestow your newborn boy with a modern Indian name? In this section, we have provided a glossary of Modern Indian baby boy names along with their meanings.

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Modern Indian Boy Names

Modern Indian Baby Boy Names

Aaban Name of the Angel
Aabharan Jewel
Aadhunik Modern; New
Aadinath God; Supreme Ruler of the Universe; the first God
Aaditey Son of Aditi
Aafiya Good Health
Aagam Arrival
Aagney Son of the Fire God
Aahil Prince
Aahwaanith One who has been invited; Wanted
Aakaar Shape
Aakanksh Desire
Aakar Form; Shape
Aakarsh Attraction
Aakesh Lord of the sky
Aakshat Unharmed
Aalam; Alam The whole world
Aalim Religious Scholar
Aamil Doer; Work man
Aamirah Inhabitant
Aamod Pleasure
Aanandaswarup; Anand Swarup Full of Joy
Aaqib Follower
Aaqil Intelligent
Aarav Peaceful
Aariz Respectable man; Intelligent
Aarush First ray of sun
Aaryan; Aryan Illustrious; Noble; Spiritual
Aashman Son of the sun
Aastik Who has faith in god
Aatmaj Son
Aayu; Aayush Span of life; Long life
Aayushmaan; Aayushman With long life
Abaan Old Arabic Name
Abbud Worshipper
Abbudin Worshippers
Abdus Samad Slave of the Eternal; The Independent
Abdus Sami Slave of the All Hearing
Abdus Sattar Slave of the one who conceals faults
Abdus Shafi Slave of the Healer
Abdus Shahid Slave of the Witness
Abdus Subbooh Slave of the Extremely pure
Abdus-Sabour Servant of the Patient
Abdus-Salaam Servant of the Source of Peace
Abdus-Samad Servant of the Eternal
Abdus-Sameei Servant of the All-Hearing
Abdus-Shaheed Servant of the Witness
Abdus-Shakur Servant of the Appreciative
Abed Worshipper
Abeer Fragrance
Abhaidev Free of fear
Abhaya Fearless
Abheek Fearless
Abhi Fearless
Abhik Beloved
Abhilash Wish; Desire
Abhimanuya The son of Arjun in Mahabharat
Abhinanda To rejoice; to celebrate; to praise; to bless; delight
Abhineet Perfect
Abhinivesh Desire
Abhiraam Pleasing
Abhiraj Fearless King
Abhirath Great Charioteer
Abhiroop Variant of 'Abhirup'
Abhirup Very Nice; Pleasing; Handsome
Abhivaadan; Abhivadan Greeting
Abhivira Surrounded by heroes; A commander
Abhra Cloud
Abidin Worshippers; Adorers
Abjit Conquering water
Abra Cloud
Abrad Hail; Mail
Achalendra Lord of the immovable; The Himalayas
Achanda Not of the hot temper; Without anger; Gentle
Achyut Imperishable; a name of Vishnu
Achyut; Achyuta Imperishable; Indestructible; A name of Vishnu
Achyutam Variant of 'Achyut'
Adam Man of Earth
Adeel Judge; Honest
Adeem Rare
Adeep Light
Adheesh King
Adheer Restless
Adhikara Principal; Controller; Right
Adib Cultured; Well mannered one
Adil Just; Honest
Adinath Lord Vishnu
Aditeya Another name for the sun; Son of 'Aditi'
Adley The Just
Adrian; Adrien The Dark One
Advaya One; United
Afraa Happiness
Afeef Chaste; Modest
Agampreet Love for god
Agha Pre-eminent
Agharna The moon
Agnello Angel
Agneya; Aagneya Son of Agni; Son of the fire

Agnimitra Friend of fire
Agnivesh Dhronacharya's Guru; Bright as the fire
Agrim; Agrima Advance; Leader; First
Agriya First
Ahad The one
Ahd Pledge; Knowledge
Ahsan Nice; Beautiful; Mercy; Favour
Aijaz Favour; Blessing
Aiken The Oaken
Aiman Fearless
Ainesh The sun's glory
Airaawat; Airawat; Eirawat; Erawat; Irawat The celestial white elephant of Indra
Ajatashatru Without enemies
Ajendra King of mountains
Ajinkya Invincible
Ajitesh Lord Vishnu
Ajkhyat Famous
Ajmal Pious; Holy; Beautiful
Ajoy Joyful
Akal Keerat One who sings God's praises
Akaldeep God's lamp
Akaljot The Eternal Light; God's Light
Akalmash Stainless; Pure; Untainted
Akalpreet Love of God
Akalroop Of eternal form; Of eternal beauty
Akalsukh Forever in peace and delight
Akeem Wise
Akhas A narrator of hadith
Akif Focused
Akil The wanderer; Intelligent; Thoughtful; One who uses reason
Akmal Complete
Akrash Attractive
Akroor Kind; Gentle; A Yadava chief; Krishna's friend
Akshaj Lord Vishnu
Akshan Eye
Akshar Letter; Imperishable
Akshat Unharmed
Akshath Indestructible
Akshaya Indestructible
Akshit Permanent
Akshun A significant particle
Akul Lord Shiva
Ala Nobility; Excellence
Alaa Nobility; Excellence
Alaa Udeen Excellence of Religion
Alamgir The lord of the whole world
Alan; Allan Handsome One
Alastair Defender of Men
Albion White or Fair
Alden Wise Guardian
Aldis From the Old House
Aldrich Old Wise Leader
Aleem knowledgeable
Alfred Supernaturally Wise
Alhad Joy; Happiness
Alhasan The handsome; The good; Name of the Prophets grandson
Alhusain; Alhusayn Diminutive of the handsome; The good; Name of the Prophets grandson
Allah God
Alman Kind; Willing and wiseman
Almir Prince
Aloke Light
Alokendra Victorious; Intelligent
Alpesh Tiny
Alston From the Old Manor
Alvin Noble Friend
Amalendu Pure like the moon; The unblemished moon
Amalesh Pure; The pure one
Amam Safety; Protection
Amanda Active
Amandev The god of peace
Amanjeet Peace Attainer
Amanpal Peace Protector
Amanpreet One who loves peace
Amaresh Name of Indra
Amardeep Eternal light
Amardev The immortal god
Amarjot The Immortal Light
Ambareesh Variant of 'Ambarish'; King of the sky
Amber The sky
Ambuj Lotus
Ambrose Immortal
Ameet Boundless
Amer Rich
Amery Industrious
Ameya Immeasurable; Boundless
Amid Support
Amil Invaluable
Amin; Ameen Divine grace; Faithful; Trustworthy
Amish Pure; Honest
Amitesh One who is Infinite; God
Amiya Nectar; Delight
Amlan Unfading; Everbright
Amolik Priceless
Amoorta Formless
Amritpal One protected by the Lord's Nectar
Anagh Sinless; Variant of 'Anagha'
Ananth; Anant Endless; Infinite
Aneeq Valuable
Angad An ornament; Son of Bali (Bali was a mighty character in the holy hindu epic 'Ramayan')
Aniket Homeless
Anilaabh; Anilabh Spirit of the wind
Animesh To stare open-eyed
Anirudha Grandson of lord Krishna
Anirvan Undying
Anis Close Friend
Anish Lord Vishnu; Lord Shiva
Anjan Eye Liner
Anshuk Radiant
Anshul Radiant
Anshuman; Anshumaan The sun
Arav Peaceful
Ardhendu Half Moon
Archit Worshipped
Arihant Destroyer of enemies

Arij Pleasant Smell
Arlen Pledge
Arka Sun
Arnab Sea
Arnesh Lord of the sea
Arnold Strong as an Eagle
Arnon Rushing stream; Torrent valley; a river and wadi in western Jordan
Arpan Offering
Arvel Wept Over
Arthur Champion; Follower of Thor
Arya Civilized; The best
Aryaman The sun
As-Salam The Eternal
Ashesh Variant of 'Ashish'
Ashlesh To embrace
Ashwatthama; Ashwathama Son of Dronacharya
Ashwin Hindu Month
Aslan Lion
Atal Firm; Immoveable
Atash Fire
Atulya Unequalled
Atwater From the Waterside
Aubrey Ruler of the Elves
Avadhesh King Dasaratha
Avalok Who beholds
Avanindra King of the earth
Avaneesh; Avanish Master of the earth
Avery Elfin Ruler
Avinashi Indestructible
Avkash Limitless Space
Axel Man of Peace
Ayub Messenger of God; A biblical prophet's name
Azeez; Aziz Friend; Dear one
Azhaar Flowers; Blossoms
Baalakrishna; Balakrishnan Baby Krishna; Krishna
Baalamurali; Balamurali Young Krishna holding flute
Bachan Promise
Bachittar Wounderous Merits
Bahadurjit Victory of the brave
Bala Child; Young one
Balaaditya Young Sun; Young Man
Balagovind Young cow-herd; Infant Krishna
Balamohan The younger one who is attractive; Young Krishna
Balakumar Young Prince
Balbhadra Brother of Krishna
Balendra; Balinder Lord Krishna
Baljiwan Life with strength
Balvantaraav Variant of 'Balwant'
Banjeet Victory of the forest
Barclay Meadow of Birch Trees
Barrett Bear-Like
Barry Marksman
Bartholomew Warlike
Basil King-like
Benjamin Son of Right Hand
Benton Moor Dweller
Bernard Stern Bear
Bert Bright
Bevis Bowman
Bhagatveer The brave devotee of God
Bhagyaraj Lord of Luck
Bhajnaam Remembering the love of God
Bhalendra Lord of Light
Bhanudas A devotee of the sun; Follower of the sun
Bhargava Lord Shiva; Archer; Preceptor
Bhaumik Lord of the earth
Bhavesh Lord of the world
Bhavik God
Bhavin Winner
Bheemsen; Bhimsen Sons of brave man
Bheeshma; Bheesham; Bhisham; Bhishma A character of Mahabharata; Son of king 'Shantanu'
Bhuvanesh Lord of the world; Lord of the earth
Bhuvaneshwar Lord of the world
Bhuvaneswar; Bhubaneswar God; Lord of the world
Biman Sky; Aeroplane
Bilva A sacred leaf
Birindar The brave god
Bishanpal Raised By God
Bitan Pandal; Spread
Blaine Lean or Thin
Blair Man of Flatlands
Blake Fair Complexioned
Bodhan Clever; Wise; kindling
Bond Farmer
Bowen Son of Owen
Braden From the Broad Valley
Bradley From the Broad Meadow
Brahamjeet God's Triumph
Brahmadutt Dedicated to Lord Brahma; Devoted to Lord Brahma
Brahmanandam; Brahmaanand The supreme joy
Brahmdev God's exalted angel
Brajendra Lord of Braj Land
Brajraaj; Brajraj; Brijraaj; Brijraj King of Braj Land
Brandan; Brendan; Brendon Traveller
Bratindra Dedicated to charity; Devoted to right deeds
Brent From the Steep Hill
Bret; Brett Native of Brittany
Brice Great Ambition
Brigham Dweller by the Bridge
Brock The Badger
Broderick Form of Roderick
Brooke A stream
Bruce Brushwood
Bruno Dark Complexioned
Bryant Strong
Buck The Deer
Buddha Awakened; Lord Buddha
Buddhadeb Lord Buddha
Buddhadeva Wise; Gautama Buddha
Budhjot Light of Wisdom
Budhpreet Love of wisdom
Burton Fortress
Cadman Warrior
Caldwell Near a Cold Well
Caleb Faithful
Calvert Shepherd
Calvin Bald
Carl Farmer
Carlton From Carl's Farm
Carney Warrior
Carrick Rock
Carter Cart Driver
Carver Wood Carver
Cary Fort
Casey Brave
Casper Treasure
Cecil Blind
Cedric Chieftain
Chahel Good Cheer
Chakradhar Name of Lord Vishnu
Chalmers Lord of the Household
Champabati; Champavati The daughter of an ancient king 'Raja Sahil Verma'

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