Give your newborn baby boy a traditional Muslim name that will stay with him forever. Explore Muslim baby boy names and their meanings.

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Muslim Boy Names

Muslim Baby Boy Names

Aaban Name of the Angel
Aadil; Adil Justice; Sincere
Aafiya Good Health
Aafreen Encouragement
Aaftab; Aftab The sun
Aahil Prince
Aalam; Alam The whole world
Aalee Sublime; High
Aalim Religious Scholar
Aamil Doer; Work man
Aamir Populous; Full; Prosperous
Aamirah Inhabitant
Aaqib Follower
Aaqil Intelligent
Aarif Acquainted; Knowledgable
Aariz Respectable man; Intelligent
Aashif Bold; Courageous
Aashir Living
Aasif An able minister
Aasim Protector
Aatif Kind Affectionate
Aazim Determined
Abaan Old Arabic Name
Abbas Description of a Lion
Abbud Worshipper
Abbudin Worshippers
Abdul Knowledge; Servant (of Allah)
Abdul Rahaman; Abdul Rahman Servant of the Beneficent
Abdul Raheem Servant of the merciful; Servant of the Compassionate one
Abdul Wahid Servant of the unique one
Abdullah Servant of God
Abdus Name of the narrator of one of the hadith
Abdus Salaam Slave of the Giver of Peace
Abdus Samad Slave of the Eternal; The Independent
Abdus Sami Slave of the All Hearing
Abdus Sattar Slave of the one who conceals faults
Abdus Shafi Slave of the Healer
Abdus Shahid Slave of the Witness
Abdus Subbooh Slave of the Extremely pure
Abdus-Sabour Servant of the Patient
Abdus-Salaam Servant of the Source of Peace
Abdus-Samad Servant of the Eternal
Abdus-Sameei Servant of the All-Hearing
Abdus-Shaheed Servant of the Witness
Abdus-Shakur Servant of the Appreciative
Abid Worshipper of God; Adorer
Abidin Worshippers; Adorers
Abisali Warrior in Islam
Abrad Hail; Mail
Abrash Spotted; Speckled
Abu Bakr The companion of Prophet Mohammed
Abul-Hassan The Son of Ali
Adeem Rare
Adib Cultured; Well mannered one
Adil Just; Honest
Adnan Proper Name; Lion; Bravery; Old Arabic name; Ancestor of North Arabia
Afraa Happiness
Aftab; Aftaab The sun
Afzal Best; Most Excellent
Ahad The one
Ahd Pledge; Knowledge
Ahlam Witty

Ahmad Commendable; Praiseworthy; Most highly adored
Ahsan Nice; Beautiful; Mercy; Favour
Aijaz Favour; Blessing
Aiman Fearless
Ajmal Pious; Holy; Beautiful
Akalmash Stainless; Pure; Untainted
Akbar Powerful; Great
Akeem Wise
Akhas A narrator of hadith
Akhtar A Star; Good man
Akif Focused
Akil The wanderer; Intelligent; Thoughtful; One who uses reason
Akmal Complete
Akram; Akaram Most Generous; Excellent
Akshan Eye
Ala Nobility; Excellence
Alaa Udeen Excellence of Religion
Alamgir The lord of the whole world
Aleem knowledgeable
Alhad Joy; Happiness
Alhasan The handsome; The good; Name of the Prophets grandson
Alhusain; Alhusayn Diminutive of the handsome; The good; Name of the Prophets grandson
Ali God; Excellent; Noble; Sublime
Alman Kind; Willing and wiseman
Almir Prince
Altaf Kindness
Altair The flying eagle; Also refers to a first magnitude star in the constellation Lyra
Amaanat Treasure
Amaar One who prays 5 times and fasts
Amam Safety; Protection
Ameer Commander; Prince; Khalifah
Amer Rich
Amid Support
Amin; Ameen Divine grace; Faithful; Trustworthy
Amir Rich; Prosperous; Populous
Amjad More Glorious
Amzad More Glorious
Aneeq Valuable
Anees Intimate; Friendly
Aniq Elegant
Anis Close Friend
Anwar Rays of Light
Asgar Devotee
Ashraf; Asraf Without grief
Aslam Greeting
Ayub Messenger of God; A biblical prophet's name
Azeez; Aziz Friend; Dear one
Azhaar Flowers; Blossoms
Azhar Famous
Baadi Distinct, Evident, Plain, Clear
Baariq Shining, Lightning, Bright, Illuminating
Baber Courageous, Lion
Badeeh Wonderous
Badri One Who Took Part In The Battle of Bad
Badrud Duja Full Moon of The Dark
Chand Moon
Changez Firm, Soli
Chishti Famous Saint Whose Dargah Is At Ajme
Daamin Guarantor, Surety
Daanish Wisdom, Learning, Science
Dabir Root, Origin, Ultimate, Bygone
Dahhak One Who Laughs Much
Dameer Heart, Conscience
Damurah Sparkle of Light, Fire
Ekbal Dignity
Ehan Full Moon
Ehsaan Favour, Good
Ehtisham Modesty, Decency
Ejaz Miracle, Wondrous Nature
Elias Name of One Prophet
Emran Progress, Achievement
Faatin Captivating
Fadwa Name derived from self-sacrifice
Faisal Decisive; Sword
Faiyaz Artistic
Faiz Gain; Victorious
Fakaruddin Pride of religion; Glory of the faith
Fakhruddin Glory of the faith; Pride of religion
Faraz On the top; Above; Equitable
Fardeen; Fardin One who has triple strength; First month of the Parsi year when the sun is in Aries
Farhad Happiness; An Iranian musician and singer
Farhat Happiness; Delight
Farid Unique; Matchless; Wide
Farooque; Farokh Power of discrimination; Fortunate; Variant of 'Farukh'

Farukh Power of discrimination; Fortunate; Happy
Fateh The victorious one; Victory
Fatik Crystal
Ferdows; Firdows Paradise
Feroz Name of a king; Winner; Successful
Firdaus Paradise
Firoze; Firoz Gift; Winner; Victorious; Name of a king
Firyal Adornment
Ghalib Excellent; A great classical Urdu and Persian poet
Ghulam; Gulam Slave; Servant
Gulam Slave; Servant
Gulsan A flower garden
Gulzar A garden with flowers; Rose Garden; An inhabited town
Habib Friend; Beloved
Habib-ullah; Habibullah Beloved of Allah
Hameed Friend
Haroon A Prophet's name; Hope
Hasan Handsome; Good; Laughter
Hassan Good; Handsome
Humayu; Humayun Fortunate; the second Mughal Emperor
Hussain Islamic thinker; Islamic Saint
Ibrahim; Ibraham Father of a multitude; a Prophet's name (Abraham); Earth
Ihsan Kindness, Beneficence; Highest Level of Ima
Iqbal Prosperity
Iravat Son of Arjuna; Riding Elephant of Indra; Rain Clouds
Ishat Superior
Ishayu Full of strength
Jabbar Powerful, Mighty
Jahanzeb Beautiful, Charming
Jamal Handsome; Being fair
Jamshed Shining river; An ancient king of Persia
Javed Immortal; Eternal
Kabeer; Kabir Name of a famous poet-saint; A mystic poet or poet sants of India
Kadir Ray of light; Shoot of grass; Green
Kaamil Perfect, Accomplished
Karim; Kareem Generous
Kafeel Responsible, Surety, Sponsor
Khalil; Khaleel Friend
Kalan Greator, Bigger, Senior
Labeeb Understanding, Sensible, Intelligent
Laham Intuition, Conjecture, Wisdom
Lajlaj A Companion of The Prophet Pbuh Al-aamiree Ra Had This Name
Layeeq Worthy, Capable, Clever, Sensible
Liban Succesfull, Charmed
Lisanuddin Language of Religion (Islam)
Mahmood; Mahmoud; Mahmud Praised one; Praiseworthy; The Prophet of Islam
Malik Master; King
Maaz Brave Man
Mazhar Appearance
Mahad Great, Nice
Mehaboob Beloved
Mehul Rain
Mohd. Khaleel Variant of 'Khalil'
Mohd.Ibraham Variant of 'Ibrahim'
Mahfuzur Rahman Protected of The Beneficent
Mahmood Praised, Commendable, Praiseworthy
Maleek Reigning, Ruling
Mustafa; Mustaffa The chosen one
Mamoor Inhabited, Civilized
Nabighah Intelligen
Naeemullah Grace of Allah, Bliss of Allah
Nasir; Naseer Defender; Supporter; Success
Navid; Naved Messenger of happiness; Good News; Glad tiding
Nawab The powerful influencer; A governor in India during the Mughal empire
Nazir Observer; Supervisor
Omar Long-lived
Obaid Small Slav
Omran Solid Structure
Osama Lion
Owais A Companion of The Prophet (S.A.W)
Pamir Helper, Constant Perfect
Parsa Piousr
Parvez Victorious, Fortunate, Happy
Pasha Lord, Honorific Title
Pervaiz Breeze
Pir Saint, Spiritual Guide, Wise
Pirzada A Son of Pir (Sufi), A Souvenir of Leader
Purdil Brave, Fearless
Qabeel Son of Sayyidina Aadam
Qabool Accepted, Accreditec, Appreciated
Qadim Ancient
Qahir Conqueror, Subduer
Qaim Upright, Independent, One Who Performs
Qalandar One Who Lives In Solitude
Raahil Path Guider
Raheem; Rahim Compassionate; Merciful
Rasheed; Rashid Brave; Thinker: Counselor; Intelligent
Rabar A Loving And Caring Person To All
Rehaman; Rehman; Rahaman; Rahman Merciful
Sahil Guide; Shore; River Bank
Said; Sayyid Happy
Saaduddin Success of The Religion (Islam)
Saafi Pure, Clear, Crystal
Sameer; Samir Early morning fragrance; Breeze; Wind; Entertainer
Shah Nawaz; Shahnawaz Brave
Sohel; Sohail Moon Light
Taahid To Console, To Guard
Taban Resplendent, Glittering
Tabarik To Be Magnified Greatly
Tabeed Glitter, Curve, Shine, Brightness
Tafazzul Husain Favour of Husain
Tahib Watchful
Ubaidah Servant of God
Ubaidullah Lowly Servant of The Allah
Umar Flourishing; Variant of 'Omar'
Usman Variant of 'Uthman'; Servant of God
Uthman A baby bustard bird; Name of the third Khalifah (Caliph) of Muslims; Muhammad's son-in-law
Waddah Bright, Brillian
Wadid Favorable, Devoted, Fon
Wafa Faithfulness, Fidelity
Wafaqat Friendship, Closeness
Wafiq Companion, Friend, Successful
Wahid Singular; Exclusive; Unique
Yaamin Blessed, Auspicious
Yaeesh Bin Al-jahm Was A Narrator of Hadith
Yahyah A Prophet’S Name
Yaqana Unique, Unprecedented
Yaqeen Belief
Yar Muhammad Friend of The Prophet Muhammad
Yasar Prosperity, Wealth, Affluence, Ease
Zaabit Clever Man, One Who Remembers
Zaad Victory, Success
Zaahir A Blooming Flower, A Bright And Shining Colour, Lofty
Zaakir Rememberer of Allah
Zaarib One Who Beats, Stricker
Zaeem Guaranter, Rich, Healthy, Leader, Ruler
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