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Are you looking for a name for your baby girl? With this article, browse a list of modern Muslim baby girl names along with their meanings.

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Muslim Girl Names

Muslim Baby Girl Names - Every family wants to give a unique name to his newborn girl so that name resembles her personality. Muslim baby girl names are very popular among Muslim families across the globe. We have presented below list of Muslim baby girl names starting with letter A to Z.

Muslim Baby Girl Names

Aadab Hope and need
Aalia Exalted; Highest social standing
Aaliya High; Tall; Towering; Excellent
Aamaal Hopes; Aspirations
Aasmaa Excellent; Precious
Abia Great
Abida Worshipper
Abidah Worshipper; Devotee
Ablaa Perfectly Formed
Ablaa; Ablah, Abla Perfectly formed
Abra Example; Lesson
Adara Virgin
Adeela Equal
Adiba Cultured; Polite
Adila; Adilah; Adeel Equal
Adiva Pleasant; Gentle
Afaf Chastity; Virtuous; Decent; Pure
Afifah Chaste
Afra; Afraa White
Afrah Happiness
Afreen Encouragement
Afroza Quintessence of fire
Ahlam One who has pleasant dreams; Imaginative
Aida Visiting; Returning
Aini Spring; Flower; Source; Choice
Aisha Living; Prosperous; Wife of Prophet Mohammed
Akilah Intelligent; Logical; One who reasons
Aklima The first step
Akshiti Victorious Peace
Alhena A ring; A star in the constellation Gemini
Alia Exalted; Highest social standing
Alima Wise
Alimah Skilled in music or dance
Almas Diamond
Asgari Devotee
Ayesha Doll; Daughter of the Prophet
Azam The powerful one
Aziza A friend; Variant of 'Aziz'
Baasima Smiling
Badra Full moon
Badriya Resembling full moon
Baheera Dazzling; Brilliant
Bahiyaa Beautiful; Radiant
Balqis Name of the Queen of Sheba
Banan Delicate; Finger tips
Baseema Smiling
Basheera; Bashirah Bringer of good tidings
Basma; Basmah A smile
Batool; Batul Ascetic Virgin
Benazir Incomparable; Matchless; Peerless
Bilqis Queen of Sheeba
Bushra Good Omen
Buthayna; Buthaynah Of beautiful and tender body
Cala Castle
Cantara Small Bridge
Chaman Garden, from Urdu Language
Chanda Moon light
Chandni; Chandini; Chandani Moon light; A river
Daania Beautiful
Dahab Gold
Daneen Princess
Daniyah Closer; Nearer
Deeba Silk
Deema Rainy Cloud
Delisha Happy & make others happy
Dilshad Happy
Dina Love
Dua Prayer
Duha; Dhuha Forenoon
Eimaan; Eiman Faith
Eliza The Chosen; Unique; Precious
Elma Apple
Erina Beautiful lady
Eshal The name of flower in the heaven
Eshani Goddess Parvathi
Esita Desired
Ezzah A person who gives the honour; Respect
Faatin; Faatina Captivating
Fadila Good looking; Attractive
Fadilah Distinguished; Learned
Fahima; Faheemah Intelligent
Fahmida Intelligent and Wise
Faiza Victorious; Winner; Gain
Fakeehah Cheerful
Fakhirah Splendid; Elegant
Falak Star
Falaknaz Sky
Falaq Break of dawn
Falisha Happiness
Fanan Tree branch or twig
Faqirah Name of a beautiful woman (wife of Murrah al-Asadi)
Fara Sunset
Farah Joy
Faraza Success; Height
Fareeda; Fareedah; Farida Unique; Matchless; Precious Gem
Fareeha Happy; Joyful
Farha Happiness; Joy
Farheen Jubilant
Farhina Happiness
Faria Beautiful; Kind and loving
Fariza Light
Fatima; Fathima The prophet Mohammad's daughter
Fauzia Succesful; Victorious
Fawiza Successful
Feerozah A precious stone; Daughter of al-Mazfar; She was a scholar; narrator of Hadith and a very righteous woman; she wrote a book of Hadith "Al-Arbaeen Riwayat as-salihat an As-salhiheen
Feeza Nature
Fida Redemption
Firoza Turquoise
Firyal Proper Name
Golnar; Gulnar Flower of the Pomegranate tree
Gul Flower
Gulika Ball; a pearl
Ghadir Stream
Ghafira One who hides other’s sins
Ghalibah Dominant
Ghamza Gestures
Habibah Beloved; Sweetheart; Darling
Haimi Golden
Hameeda; Hamidah Praiseworthy
Hasina Beautiful; attractive lady
Heena A flowering plan; Generally used for temporary skin decoration for special occasions; A shrub
Heer Generous and understanding
Hina A flowering plan; generally used for temporary skin decoration for special occasions; A shrub
Ibrisam Silk
Ibriz Pure gold
Ibtihal Supplication, prayer
Iffah Purity, modesty
Iftikar Thought, contemplation
Imaan Fait
Ishya Spring
Jabarah A bracelet
Jabirah Comforter, consoler
Jadida New, fresh
Jahan Aara Adornment of the world
Jahan Khatoon She was a Persian poet
Jahida Helps the vulnarable
Kaifiya Ecstatic, mirghful, gayhooppy
Kaina Leader woman
Kaleemah Speaker
Kamila Perfect, complete, genuine; fem. of Kamil
Kanval Flower
Kanza Hidden Treasure
Kashmira Beauty of Kashmir; Grape; From Kashmir
Labibah Sensible, intelligent
Laiba Angel of heaven
Lakhsha Glittering
Lama Darkness Of Lips
Lamia Brilliant, lustrous, shining, radiant
Lamis, Lamees Soft To The Touch
Laila Sweet heart; Nocturnal
Maab Place to which one returns
Maahnoor Glow of Moon
Madaniya Civilized, urbane, polished
Mah Jabin Beautiful, brow like the moon
Mah Rukh Face as bright as the moon
Mahbasah A narrator of Hadith
Mumtaj Wife of Shah Jahan; Variant of 'Mumtaz'
Mumtaz The distinguished; The best; The queen of emperor Shah Jahan
Naaz Pride, elegance
Naazneen Beautiful
Naba Great News
Nabeeha Intelligent
Nabijah Ambitious, Leader and Brave
Nabila Happiness, generosity
Noor Light; The Divine Light
Obaidiyah Bondswoman of Allah
Omera One who posses an inspiring and great personality, enjoys having a positive
Orwiya Female mountain goat
Ozra Virgin, Virgin Mary
Ozza A baby fawn, young female deer, female fawn
Pakeezah Pure
Pakiza Pure, chaste, polite, nice, fine
Pardaj Splendour
Pari Fairy, fairy-like beautiful
Parsa Chaste, devout, pious
Parveen Very Noble
Parvin The Pleiades
Qabalah Responsibility
Qabila Able, wise
Qabilah Consenting
Qadira Powerful, able
Qadriyah to believe in Gods will
Qailah One who speaks
Raaina Beautiful princess, pretty priness
Raameen Obedient
Rabab White Cloud
Rabbab A musical instrument
Rabiha Winner, gainer; fem. Rabih
Rabita Band, bond, link nexus
Sabina Beautiful
Saira; Sairah Happy; Beautiful; Traveller
Sanam Beloved
Saroj Lotus Flower
Shabana Decorated
Shamshad Graceful
Shireen; Shirin Sweet; Pleasant; Gente; Delicate
Soha A star
Taj Crown; Jewel
Tammanna Desire
Taadeel Moderation, equality, neutrality
Taaliah Lucky, fortunate, fortune, destiny
Taaqul Wise thought
Taasees Inception, foundation
Tabeedah Complex, zigzag, curling
Tabina Enlighting, sparkling
Ubab, Ubaab Waves, heavy rain
Ubah Flower
Udaysah She was a narrator of Hadith
Uhud Commitment, pledge, delegation
Ulfah Harmony, intimacy
Ulfat Friendship, intimacy, love, attachment
Waheeda; Wahida Beautiful; Peerless; Unique
Wabisa Something Bright
Wadad Love, friendship
Waddia Amicable, friendly
Wadha, Wadhaa Bright
Wadida Attached, devoted, friendly, fond
Wallada Prolific, fertile, fruitful
Yasmin Jasmine Flower
Yakootah Emerald
Yakta Unique, incomparable
Yaminah Right And Proper
Yaqoot Ruby, sapphire, topaz
Yara Little Butterfly
Yasim Jasmine
Zaaminah One who stands surety for another one who helps
Zaara Beautiful Flower
Zeenat; Zinat Beauty; Adornment; Ornamentation
Zahara Flower, beauty, star
Zahidah Ascetic, abstentious
Zahirah Shining, Luminous
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