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North East Indian Boy Names

North East Indian Baby Boy Names

Amrit Nector
Anand; Aanand Joy; Bliss
Anil Wind
Aniruddh; Aniruddha Which can't be restricted
Arun Sun; The dawn
Atul Uncomparable; Matchless
Bahadur One who is brave and courageous
Baldev; Baldeb Godlike in power; Another Name of Balram
Bharat Being maintained; The name of the Hindu God of fire
Bhola Innocent; Polite
Bhupen King
Bhupendra; Bhoopendra; Bhupinder King of Kings; Emperor; King of the earth
Bhushan; Bhooshan Ornament; Lord vishnu
Bhuvan; Bhuban World
Bijoy Victory
Binod Happiness; Joy; Variant of 'Vinod'
Biren Lord of Warriors
Birendra; Virendra King of Warriors
Bishnu Lord Vishnu

Chamanlal Garden
Chandan Of the Sandalwood tree; Scented Wood; Sandalwood
Chandrabhan The moon; Lustrous as moon
Chandragupt Name of an ancient king
Chandramohan Attractive like the moon
Damodara Tied with a rope around the belly; Krishna
Dasarath Father of Lord Rama
Debendra Sky God
Dev; Deb Divinity; God
Dharmeswar Lord of righteousness
Dina Nath Lord of the poor; Protector
Dinesh The lord of the day; The sun
Durga Goddess Durga; Devi
Durgeswar Lord of the fort
Fakaruddin Pride of religion; Glory of the faith
Ganesh Lord Ganesha; Son of Lord Shiva and Parvati
Ghanshyam; Ghanashyam Lord Krishna; Black clouds resembling a beautiful upcoming evening
Gopinath Lord of cowherd
Govinda; Gobinda A cowherd, one who is good at finding cows; Lord Krishna
Gyan; Gyan Singh; Giaan Knowledge; One having exalted divine knowledge
Hari God Vishnu; God Narayanan; Lord Krishna; The one belonging to God; He who removes evil
Hari Charan Feet of the God
Harinarayan Lord Vishnu
Hariram Lord Rama

Jagannath Lord Vishnu
Jatin Lord Shiva; Pertaining to saint
Jatindranath Another name of Lord Shiva
Kalicharan Feet of Goddess Kalicharan
Kamalakant; Kamalkant Lord Vishnu
Kirti; Keerti Fame
Krishnakant Variant of 'Krishna'
Kushal Clever; Perfect
Lakshmikant Husband of Goddess Lakshmi; Lord Vishnu
Lakshminath Consort of Goddess Lakshmi; Lord Vishnu
Lalit Handsome; Beautiful
Madhav; Madhab Relating to the spring; Sweet like honey; Another name of Lord Krishna
Mahendra; Mohinder The great God Indra (the God of the sky)
Maheswar God Shankar
Manik; Manikya A light pink to blood red gemstone
Mohan Beauteous; Attractive; Charming
Mukund Lord Krishna; Name of Vishnu
Nakul One of among five Pandavas; Twin brother of Sahdev
Narayan Lord Vishnu; The son of man
Nirmal Pure; Clean
Parveen Expert; A star
Pranab Sound of Om
Samir Cool Breeze
Satyendra Variant of 'Satyen'
Somnath Lord of the moon; God Shiva
Tarun Young; Tender
Upendra Lord Vishnu
Upendranath Variant of 'Upendra'
Vishnu; Bishnu The protector; An important Hindu God
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