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Sikh Girl Names

Sikh Baby Girl Names

Aarti; Aarati Towards the highest love for god; Form of worship; Divine fire in ritual
Achal Constant; Immovable
Agamdeep Beyond Limits
Ajinder Victorious
Amrita Full of Nectar; Spiritual holy water; Immortality
Anisha; Aneesha Uninterrupted; Continuous; One who is supreme
Anjeela; Anjila Homage
Asha; Aasa; Aasha Hope; Aspiration
Avani; Abani Earth
Baljeet Mighty victorious
Balvinder Strong
Banita Lady; Woman; Wife
Bolavi Speaking
Chamkaur Battle field where Guru Gobind Singh fought
Chanchal Active; Lively; playful
Chetna; Chetana Awakening; Consciousness
Chhaya; Chaaya Shadow
Devindar; Devinder The king of gods
Dilraj Ruler of Hearts
Darpreet Love For God's Door
Debjit One Who Has Conquered Gods
Deep The Lamp of Light
Devjeet One Who Has Conquered Gods
Dhaya Kindness, Compassion
Dilpreet Of One's Liking, Pleasing To The Heart
Ekaagar Resolute
Eveleen Bringer of light; Lively; Unselfish
Ekampreet Love For One's God
Ekkam One, United
Ekroop One Appearence
Eveleen Bringer of Light Lively Unselfish
Gurdeep Lamp of the Guru; Lamp of the teacher; Enlightened by the teacher
Gurinder Lord
Gurkiran The ray of Guru's light
Gurneet Guru's Moral
Gurnoor Light of God
Hamreet Beloved of god; Friend of god
Hardeep Lamp of God
Harjit; Harjeet Victorious through God's Grace
Harleen One absorbed in the Lord's Love
Harnoor God's Gift
Harpreet One who loves God
Harseerat God's Wisdom
Indirjeet; Inderjeet One who wins the love of God
Isha One who protects; Goddess
Ishika Paint brush
Ishwin One who praises the lord
Jasbir A brave one who sings God's praises
Jasleen Absorbed in singing God's praises
Jasminder Lord's Glory
Jasveer; Jasbir; Jasvir A brave one who sings God's praises
Jaswant Worthy of praise
Jatinder One who has conquered the five evils
Jeet Victorious
Jogindar; Joginder; Jogendra Establishing union with God; Lord Shiva
Jyoti Flame; Light; Lamp; The light of the Sun
Kamalpreet One Who Loves The Flower Lotus
Kavita Poem
Kiran Ray of Light
Karandeep The Lamp With The First Ray of Sunlight
Keerath Sing God's Praise or Glory
Mahindar; Mahinder God of gods
Mandeep; Mandip Light of sages
Manjit; Manjeet One Who wins her own heart; Conqueror of the mind
Mannat Special Prayer
Manavinder Lord of Humanity
Meena; Mina Precious blue stone; With Beautiful Eyes resembling a Fish; Enamel work
Mandip Light of Sages
Namrita Modest; Humble
Navjot New Light
Navleen New Engrossed
Navneet One who is ever new
Nirman The egoless; Humble
Nitnam One who ceaselessly remembers the Lord
Noor Light; The Divine Light
Ojal Vision
Parambir The greatest of warriors
Paramdeep The Lamp of the Divine
Paramjit; Paramjeet Supremely victorious
Parminder; Parmindar God of gods
Payal Anklet
Praneet Dear One
Priya Dear One; Beloved
Puneet Pure
Rajinder Variant of 'Rajendra'; King Indra
Rajveer; Rajvir; Rajbeer; Rajbir Brave King
Rajveer The Warrior or Hero of The Kingdom
Ramandeep Absorbed In The Light of Lord's Love
Ranbir The Brave Warrior
Rangjot One Colored In The Union of God
Rattan Gem
Raveena; Ravina Sunny; Beauty of the Sun
Roopindar; Roopinder God of Beauty
Rupinder Beautiful
Sangeeta; Sangita Music; Musical
Sarabjeet Winning all
Saroj Lotus Flower
Shabadpreet The one who loves the Holy Word
Sharanjeet One who attains the Guru's shelter
Sharda Goddess Saraswati
Simran; Smran Remembrance; Meditation
Sukhbir Warrior of peace
Sukhjeet Remaining in peace
Sukhjot Light of Peace
Sukhraj King of Peace
Surinder The king of gods; Lord Indra
Tanveer; Tanvir
Tejbir The glory of the brave one
Teijinder God of Grandeur
Teijinderjeet One Who Wins God of Grandeur
Teijinderjit One Who Wins God of Grandeur
Tejinderpreet Love of God of Grandeur
Teknam One Who Takes Support of The Lord's Name
Tulwa Sword
Ujaala One who radiates the light
Uma Goddess Parvati
Usha Morning; Dawn; Sun rise
Ujjalroop A Pure And Beauteous Person
Uma Godess
Uttamjodh The Exalted Warrior
Uttamreet Exalted Way of Life
Veerindar; Veerinder A brave godly person
Vasai Dwell, Reside
Vicharleen Absorbed In Reflection
Vidia Knowledge
Vigsai To Come Into Bloom, Blossom
Virala Rare
Visar Forget
Wadha Big
Wafa Faithful
Yadleen Engrossed In God's Remembrance
Yashnoor Beauty of Glory
Yasmine Alternate Spelling of Jasmine
Yuvleen Absorbed In Youthfulness
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