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Choose a unique Sindhi name for your newborn baby boy that will stay with him forever. Check out list of Sindhi baby boy names and their meanings.

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Sindhi Boy Names

Sindhi Baby Boy Names

Aatma; Atmaram Soul; Spirit
Abdul Wahid Servant of the unique one
Abhishek Ritual; An auspicious bath for a deity
Aditya The sun
Amar Immortal; Everlasting
Amir Rich; Prosperous; Populous
Anil Wind
Anoop Incomparable
Arvind Lotus
Ashish Blessing
Ashok Without sadness
Balkishan; Baalkrishan Young Krishna; Lord Krishna in his childhood
Bharat Being maintained; The name of the Hindu God of fire
Chaarudatt Born of Beauty
Chahel Good Cheer
Chaitan Consciousness
Chakrapani Lord Vishnu
Champak A Flower
Chandan Sandalwood
Chandru Moon
Deep Light; The lamp of light
Deep Chand A shining lamp
Deepak Lamp; Light
Dev Kumar; Devakumar Son of God
Devendra King of Gods; Lord Indra
Devidas Servant of a Goddess
Dilip A King
Dinesh The lord of the day; The sun
Fakhruddin Glory of the faith; Pride of religion
Fateh The victorious one; Victory
Feroz Name of a king; Winner; Successful
Fanibhusan Lord Shiva
Fenil Which Meaning Is Name
Fanishwar Lord of Serpents, Vasuki
Gautam; Gautama; Goutam The name of the Buddha
Ghulam; Gulam Slave; Servant
Girdhari Lord Krishna
Girish Lord of Mountains; Shiv; Mahadev
Gulabrai Variant of Gulab
Gulshan Garden of flowers
Gyanchand Variant of 'Gyan'
Hameed Friend
Haresh Lord Shiva
Harish Lord Vishnu
Hussain Islamic thinker; Islamic Saint
Inder; Indra The god of weather and war; Lord fo the devas
Iqbal Prosperity
Ishwar God; the Supreme Being; Another name for Shiva
Ibhanan Elephant Faced
Ilandevan Young Master
Ilavarasan Prince
Indranil Another Name of Lord Shiva; Sapphire; Blue Stone
Jagdish God; Lord of the universe; The ruler of the world
Jai Conqueror; Defeater; The victorious one
Jagachandra Moon of The Universe
Jagajeevan Life of The World
Jagatbehari World Traveler (Jagvihari)
Jai Conqueror; Defeater; The Victorious One
Jaidev Victory of God
Jaikapeesh Hail Monkey God
Jalbhushan Ornament of Water (Means Wind)
Jasbeer Victorious Hero
Kalyan Welfare; Fortunate
Kanhaiya Lord Krishna
Lalit Handsome; Beautiful
Lal Krishna Child Krishna; Variant of Krishna
Mahesh Lord Shiva; A great ruler
Manav Human
Manik; Manikya A light pink to blood red gemstone
Manish Wise; A profound thinker
Manohar One who steals the heart
Manoj Born of the mind; Cupid
Mukesh Lord Shiva; Cupid
Mohan Beauteous; Attractive; Charming
Moti; Motilal Pearl
Naresh King of men
Navin New
Neeraj Lotus
Nikhil Complete; Whole; Entire
Niranjan Lord Shiva
Nirmal Pure; Clean
Nitin New; Master of the right path
Om Prakash The light of creation; Light of the essence of life
Pankaj Lotus Flower
Paresh Supreme Spirit
Pawan Air
Pradeep Lamp; Light
Prahlad Excess of joy; A great devotee of Vishnu who proved God is everywhere
Prakash Light; Bright
Pratap; Partap Glory; Vigour; Strength
Raj Kumar Prince
Rajesh King
Raju Prosperity; King
Ram Lord Rama; The eldest sun of king Dasharatha; The hero of Indian Mythology called 'Ramayana'
Ramesh Ruler of Rama; Lord Vishnu
Ranjan Delighting; Enjoyment
Ravi Sun
Ratan Precious Stone; Gem
Ritesh Lord of Seasons; Lord of truth
Rohan Ascending; Sandal wood; Healing
Roop Look
Sameer; Samir Early morning fragrance; Breeze; Wind; Entertainer
Sandeep; Sandip A lighted lamp; Glowing
Sanjay Dhritarashtra's charioteer; Triumphant
Shankar Lord Shiva; God Shankar; He who gives happiness
Shashi Moon
Shiv God Shiva
Somdutt Variant of 'Som'
Sonu Familiar with gold; Beloved
Sunil; Suneel Dark blue; Sapphire
Sunny Sunshine; Cheerful
Suraj Sun
Suresh The ruler of the gods; Lord Indra
Sushil; Susheel Good charactered man; Well-behaved
Umar Flourishing; Variant of 'Omar'
Usman Variant of 'Uthman'; Servant of God
Vasudev Father of Krishna
Vivek Conscience; Intelligence; True Knowledge; Judgement
Vijay Victory; Strong and victorious
Vinod; Binod Pleasing; Happiness; Joy
Vishal Big; Giant
Yogesh Lord of Yoga
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