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MG Road, Residency Road and St Marks Road are the main business areas in Bangalore. Know more on downtown in Bangalore.
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Downtown in Bangalore

Downtown in Bangalore - Bangaluru is an overwhelming experience. Shiny steel structures vie with the city's colonial past.

Brigade Road in BangaloreThe lush foliage, rustling trees, flaming gulmohars of Cubbon Park offset the urban chaos of M.G. Road, Brigade Road and Commercial Street that constitute central Bangaluru. It is a convenient place to wander around, buy nuts from roadside vendors and just watch the world go by. Bengaluru Central is the latest addition. It is located at the upper end of M.G. Road, it's the upper end of M.G. Road, its glitzy hoardings proclaim shopping, eating and celebrations all under one roof. Shops selling fashionable clothes, well-stocked grocery stores, food courts and lounges make it a worthwhile place to visit. A stroll down M.G. Road is uplifting, although it is increasingly crowded and parking space is at a premium. The installation of parking meters on Brigade Road is an attempt to inject order in the chaos. A cup of coffee at the open-air Barista is a good way to soak in the flavours of the city - sipping coffee to the accompaniment of a riotous symphony of ringing cell phones. The food courts at the Food World or the Café Coffee Day outlet at Bombay Stores draw crowds throughout the day.

Commercial Street in BangaloreBengaluru's biggest draw is its numerous pubs. From youngsters dancing to loud music at Pub world to the subtler ambience and of 1912 on St Mark's Road, there is a pub of suit every pocket and mood. Bars and pubs close by 11.00 pm with final orders taken at 10.30 pm, and the police are prompt to enforce it that somehow contradicts the city's recently acquired global image. If you are dinning late, head for one of the 24-hour coffee shops in the bigger hotels. There are many good fast food places that provide a variety of burgers and pizzas. A number of multinational chains have opened up. Pizza Hut, McDonald's, Marry Brown and Kentucky Fried Chicken on Brigade Road have all adapted their menus to local tastes. The 102-old Nilgiris establishment on Brigade Road is a must-visit and ha a café.

Bengaluru's offers a lot to book lovers and shoppers the new Crosswords bookstore on Residency Road is a great place to browse for book and music. The new shopping malls are close by. Shoppers Stop and Lifestyle offer a wide choice of trendy clothes and home accessories. Quick, at Lifestyle, is a good place for a snack or a cup of coffee. Shops begin to close by 8.30 pm with only a few remaining open up to 9.30 pm. However, if you are looking for the quintessential Indian bazaar, you will find glimpses of it in the well-lit, crowded chaos of Commercial Street. It conveys all the images and attitudes that are integral to the Indian shopping experience including bargaining.

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