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Blue Bar at Hotel Taj West End is one of the most famous lounge bars in Bangalore. Know more on menu, prices and contact for Blue Bar in Bangalore.

Blue Bar Bangalore

Blue Bar in Bangalore

Blue Bar - Acknowledged across the board as the most happening place in the city, the Blue Bar is also the most picturesque. Surrounded by water and set amidst the sprawling grounds of the Taj West End, it is adjacent to Blue Ginger, the hotel's Vietnamese restaurant. The open plan of the bar (which encourages guests to spill out into the surrounding gardens on weekend nights, when there isn't standing room to be had anywhere on the floor), the mood lighting, an ethereal blue (of course), the amazing wine list, including a selection of twenty delicious (yes, actually!) variants of the Sangria (Try the Peach Sangria, and you'll know why it is the most popular), and the tall, dark and um...handsome (but of course)Ozzie bartender, all fuse into a potent cocktail that makes the Blue Bar top the popularity charts. The nicest thing about it, though, is that on weekday evenings, when it is quieter, it morphs into a lovely, sophisticated lounge bar, where you can even take your parents and be sure they'll enjoy the experience.

Blue Bar
Address: Taj West End,
Race Course Road Bangalore
Contact: 56605660

Hours: 7.30-11.30 pm.
Moneywise: Aperitifs - Rs. 125 upwards; Cocktails - Rs. 275 to Rs. 300; Whisky - Rs. 550 upwards. Taxes as applicable.