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Dublin the Irish Pub is one of the most happening place to be in Bangalore. Information on Dublin Irish Pub in Bangalore, India.

Dublin Pub

Dublin Pub, Bangalore

Dublin Pub - Walk into the lobby of the ITC Windsor Sheraton and you simply cannot miss the distinctive shamrock green facede of Dublin, the more-Irish-than-the Irish pub, to your right. Walk into Dublin itself and you'd be forgiven for thinking that you have walked through a geographical wrap and ended up on the Emerald Isle. Oozing atmosphere and sophistication, Dublin has all the accoutrements that set it apart from any other watering hole in Bean town; Irish toasts (in the original Celtic) picked out in gold on the pillars, comfortable couches, faux stone fireplace, mantelpiece crowded with blue pottery and marble busts, antique-looking on the bar, the yards and half yards of ale on the bar counter (not available anywhere else), generous 4.30 ml tap for draught beer (330 ml everywhere else). Amd Giommess. Of course. Add to all this extensive, very British / Irish Food menu, including Jacket Potatoes, Irish stew. Phoughman's Sandwiches and the other entrees European selections - Swedish smorgasbord, poached lobsters, paella and even locals, this all-day pub is straight from heaven.

Dublin Pub
Contact: 22269898
Address: Windsor Manor Hotel, 25,
Windsor Square, Gold Course Road, Bangalore
Landmark: In Windsor Manor Hotel

Hours: Like it says on the menu. 'If we're here. We're open: if we're not, we're ot'. But seriously, it's open from 11 am to 11.30 pm. Moneywise: 430 ml draught - Rs. 140; Yard of Ale - Rs. 500; Osters (served with complimentary glass of wine) - Rs. 900.
Cuisine: Continental, Multi-Cuisine