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Wide range of liquors is available at I-bar lounge in Bangalore. Get more details on i-Bar in Bangalore, India.

I-Bar Bangalore

I-Bar, Bangalore

I-Bar - One of the few nightspots that have consistently managed to draw the crowds over the last five years, the iBar at The Park is a success in every sense of the world. It has managed to build a loyal crowd of regulars, new fans flock to it every week, and it is equally popular with both locals and expats. If you look up the blogs of expats in Bangaluru, it is almost certain that you will find it mentioned as a place where they catch up with the rest of their community. Everything about the iBar is a tad unconventional: it has been bags instead of chairs or couches, the outdoor lounge stretches cozily along the long, slim pool, and it has TVs (each tuned to a different channel) embedded in a carpeted wall as part of the décor. The food, overseen by The Park's brilliantly creative Executive Chef Abhijit Saha, is a must-have. Perhaps the best part about the iBar is that, unlike others, it opens early - at 5:30 pm - to catch the early office crowd, who, once they enter, it seems, do not leave until closing time.

Address: The Park, 14/7,
Mahatma Gandhi Road Bangalore
Contact: 25594666

Hours: 6.00 pm - 11.30 pm.
Moneywise: Bottle of beer - Rs. 120; Johnnie Walker Red Label Rs. 200; Cocktails - Rs. 250 upwards.