Explore list of top 10 medicine delivery apps whihc are helping in easy and secure delivery of medicines and healthcare products all over India.

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Top 10 Apps to Order Medicine Online in India

The healthcare industry has been immensely impacted by the introduction of the on-demand business model. And just like any other industry, this model has transformed the healthcare industry too and has given it a happy facelift. Technology has invaded the sphere of healthcare by offering easy-to-use apps that have made various facilities easy and quick. For example, booking doctor appointments and getting tests done as well as delivery of essential medicines are now at your fingertips.

Ordering medicine online has become the newest trend and can be done comfortably through various websites and apps. This facility enables you to avoid standing in long queues in front of pharmacies for urgent medical supplies. The online apps and websites, however, need you to upload scanned copies of your doctor's prescription taken by using your Smartphone cameras. Thereby, you can get all medicines delivered right at your doorstep at minimal time.

The recent apps and online stores for ordering medicines also offer attractive discounts to enhance their market footfall and increase their market presence and also to get ahead in the competition. Surveys have revealed that there are more than 60 online pharmacies operating currently in the Indian market and are actively engaged in the delivery of medicines to households all across the country through websites and apps.

People are taking advantage of this door-to-door supply of medicines increasingly as they can easily avoid queueing up in front of med stores for every possible medicine requirement.

Benefits of Medicine Ordering Apps

Create your own app and take online medicine business to a new height.

Benefits of online pharmacy for Customers

Benefits of being online for Pharmacies:

The Topmost Online Medicine Ordering Apps

There are quite a few online medicine apps that are operating in Indian market currently and are widely popular on account of their superior customer services. Let's note down the names of some of top online medicine ordering apps. Here is a list of some of the most popular choice of apps for ordering medicines online.

1. Practo
Practo is a popular choice of customers for booking of doctor appointment. Good reviews by satisfied customers make this online app rated one of the top most for ordering medicines. The company launched its online medicine ordering app to reach the nook and corners of 100 different cities across the whole of India. It has presence in major cities such as Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Gurgaon, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Pune and Lucknow.

Practo enables you to order more than 40,000 medicines using their app. It has tie-ups with local medicine stores and pharmacies. This acts as a big advantage to deliver prescription drugs at patient doorstep within the shortest possible time frame. The customers can easily upload doctor prescriptions using their phone camera through this app. The medicines can then be ordered through repeat orders very conveniently. The app has provision of remembering your previous orders and delivers them in the shortest possible time.

2. 1mg
1mg is a popular medicine ordering app that lets you buy medicines online easily and quickly. It also provides lots of relevant and related information regarding your prescription drugs. You can access all kinds of important information about medicine dosage, their side-effects and other details about the medicine you are ordering through this app.

1mg has partnerships with local pharmacies or drug stores that are active participants in fulfilling customer orders. You can order medicines through this online medicine app from anywhere across the cities where these company has presence. This app is currently operating through some prominent cities such as Chennai, Delhi, Lucknow, Agra, Hyderabad, Bhopal, Indore and Bangalore.

One attractive feature of this app is that you get the names cheaper alternatives of medicines that you have entered having the same composition. The app also offers health advice from prominent doctors on the basis of the medicines you have booked online through their app.

3. NetMeds
NetMeds is a medicine ordering app which is managed by Dadha Company. This company has its presence in India since the year 1914. This company offers an online pharmacy that can be accessed from all corners of the globe and medicines can be delivered to various locations in India.

This is a user friendly app that allows you to upload prescription and place orders quickly and efficiently. The estimated delivery time of medicines through this app is two to three days. You can also avail the benefit of 15% discount on all types of medicines. Also, avail the cash on delivery service across various locations all over India. Make payments through debit and credit cards.

4. BookMeds
BookMeds is another mobile app that offers various kinds of products online of such as medicines, surgical instruments, orthopaedic care equipment, mom and baby care products, hospital equipment, medical gadgets, protein supplements, fitness products, hair solutions, beauty and skin care products, ayurvedic items and other related items. This online med site claims next-day delivery of products in metros.

The service is operational across 600 plus regions all across India. Common people from cities such as Delhi, Hyderabad, Bhopal, Lucknow, Kolkata, Patna, Indore, etc. are being greatly benefited by this app. While ordering, uploading prescription is mandatory and the app facilitates the process and makes it easy. You can thus get your medicines delivered to your doorstep the very next day.

You can even get offers such as free cash-on-delivery services and get delivery of medicines at your very doorstep very fast, let's say, within four hours from ordering. This online medicine ordering app is designed to run on both Android and iOS.

5. Medlife
Medlife is acclaimed for being rated as one of the biggest medicine ordering app in India. The app has features such as letting users search for the desired medicines from a loaded database of medicines. The scanned picture of even handwritten prescriptions can be uploaded easily through the app. They also offer flat 15% discount.

Medlife has its central laboratory in Bengaluru and spans their service across 29 states. It has tie-ups with hundreds of local pharmacies in the various Indian states who manage orders and delivery very efficiently. Medicines are delivered in minimum time. Customers are catered from the nearest pharmacy all across the chosen locations in India.

6. SmartMedics
SmartMedics is another related website or app built for doctors and patients to interact from different branches of medicine and for ordering medicines. They deliver medicines through phone calls and online orders through app across different cities in India. Mobile app and website, both are available. You can also book appointments with the best doctors of the industry.

The pharmacy even offers the facility of collecting prescription from your house. Alternatively, you can scan the prescription and upload the image through their app. They guarantee you delivery of medicines within 48 hours and also promise a discount of 22% on all healthcare products. Medicines are delivered free of charges and minimum order amount is 100 rupees which is of great benefit. Payment options are flexible through card or by cash on delivery.

7. WeChemist
The silver lining for this particular app is that your medicines are delivered within just two hours. WeChemist also provides attractive discounts on your medicine and related purchases. You can purchase medicines using WeChemistmobile app after uploading a scanned image of your prescription. The app then prompts you to select your address and confirm the order. WeChemist offers guaranteed hassle-free and same-day doorstep delivery.

8. BrownPacket
Ordering medicines online is indeed easy and fast with BrownPacket. You need to scan and upload your prescription and fill in the necessary delivery details such as address. The medicines will reach your doorstep within a time frame that extends from as less as 2 hours to a maximum of 48 hours of placing orders.

Discounts can stretch up to 22%. BrownPacket is currently operational in Bengaluru, Patna and Delhi. They are expanding their customer base by offering attractive discounts and incentives for the first-time as well as repeat buyers.

BrownPacket works with the model of partnering with local pharmacies and is currently in the process of roping in more drug stores to join their network. This will ensure their presence in wider area and will boost their business.

9. PharmEasy
PharmEasy is one of the major market players among the various big and small online medicine portals operating in India. With this app, you can order health and wellness products, Ayurvedic and herbal products, personal care items and, most importantly, medicines. PharmEasy claims to have serviced more than 22,000 pin codes and guarantees home delivery of medicines within 24 to 48 hours. You can even book health tests at your doorstep according to your requirement.

The PharmEasy app allows you to save flat 20% on every order. You can also avail up to 70% discount on tests with free pickup of samples. PharmEasy has a current presence in more than 1000 big and small towns and cities and claims to have served more than 22000 pin codes pan India. You can breathe a sigh of relief that medicine will reach in your hour of need without even stepping out of your house.

Download here: For iOS | For Android

10. 3MEDS
For genuine medicines, timely delivery of your healthcare products and hassle-free door-step delivery of medicines at your very doorstep, you can surely rely on 3MEDS. It is one of the fastest-growing online medicine ordering app in India. Order through the immense comfortable app instead of painfully standing in a queue in front of a chemist shop. was started in year 2020 as a great and resourceful online pharmacy solution provider. It helps you get the prescribed drugs after you order it from their website or app with an uploaded scanned copy of your prescription. The medicines and other related products are offered at budget rates and the app has won a lot of appreciation for being very informative to the benefit of common people.

Download here: For Android

Online medicine ordering app is a great boon to common man. It is a blessing of the current era of digital progression. This facility has come as a great blessing to the people of India. The online medicine ordering business has seen considerable profits even after offering considerable discounts to their customers. Patients are happy that they can place online order for medicines without rushing to the pharmacies and shuttling from one store to another in search of the right prescribed medicine; but surprisingly get them delivered quickly to their doorstep.

Many pharmacies are now surviving and some booming on account of their online medicine ordering app. You can also easily get featured in the list of top ranking online pharmacies by having a medicine ordering app of your own. You may pose your queries and contact us for a one-stop solution to take your pharmacy business to a new height of success. It offers a superior quality of medicine shopping experience with its guaranteed within-24-hour medicine delivery system. The payment facilities are flexible with COD, net banking and card payment options to suit maximum number of people.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Which online site is best for medicine?

A: 1mg is a name that is trusted by more than 25 million people all across India for online ordering and seamless delivery mechanism of medicines. They offer flat 18% discount on first purchase and has an immensely wide range of health and wellness products to choose from.

Q2: Which is the best app for medicine?

A: Practo is a leader in the domain of the best app for medicine ordering. You can also video consult with some of the best doctors of the country through this app. Practo has a dominating presence in the healthcare industry and is a trusted name for online booking and delivery of medicines across many towns and cities of India.

Q3: How do I order online medicine from MedPlus?

A: Ordering online medicine from MedPlus is super easy. You need to choose your locality or pin code and just need to click and choose the range of products across various categories to place your order. You also need to upload your prescription for online buying of medicines. There is even a helpline number to help you in ordering in case you are having problems. Get flat 20% discount on medicine purchase and choose from a range of payment facilities such as Paytm, credit and debit card, etc.