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Explore various government offices, corporate offices and other important landmarks in dream city of Chandigarh.
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Business in Chandigarh

Capitol Complex ChandigarhBusiness in Chandigarh - In a way Chandigarh is a very convenient city - very well organised with things placed neatly at their places. However, with three different administrations at work and phenomenal expansion of bureaucratic population part of that advantage is gone.

The northernmost Sector 1, called the Capitol Complex, was designed to contain all the governance - the legislature, the secretariat and the high court. It still does Both the state governments, the Punjab and Haryana, are placed there. So, this is where you need to go for any kind of interaction with the government departments. However, with the expansion of the bureaucracy, many of the departments have been spread around the city, mostly along the main avenues.

The other administrative centre is Sector 17, the most central place of the city. Here are placed all the offices of the city administration - district courts, head post and telegraph offices, banks, etc. Most of the support services, therefore, also set up sop in the vicinity.
However, Chandigarh administration's secretariat is at adjoining Sector 9C.

The hospital and university are placed at the north-western edge of the city, Sector # 2 (Post Graduate Institute of Medical Science) and Sector # 14 (University). The Chandigarh medical college and hospital is placed in Sector # 33 along the road to Ambala and Delhi. The Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), northern regional office, is also along the same road but in Sector # 32.

Kishangarh, at the eastern edge of city limits and adjacent to Manimajra, has lately come into corporate prominence. This is where the IT Park is located and most of the biggest of information technology have set up units here. DLF, too, has built a number of accommodations here to house smaller units. Infosys has also ready set up a large facility at the IT Park, some of the other smaller companies moving in are Amadeus, KMG and Microtech (in BPO) and Bebo Technologies, Synapse and Alchemist. Quark has already moved into the neighbouring Mohali.