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Chandigarh city guide offers information on areas, restaurants, traveling and places of tourist interest in the union territory of India.

Chandigarh City Guide

The City Beautiful has changed its ethos. From the laid back, almost aristocratic, capital of Punjab that it was designed to be; Chandigarh today exudes a vibrancy and verve that is matched only by few others in the country. First it was the manufacturing industry, and now it is the information technology that is filling up all available spaces in and around. This has resulted in a booming effect on every aspect - increased economic status of citizenry aptly mirrored also by the market places in the town, skyrocketing realty, a cosmopolitan population, wider dining and entertainment options, and more. Even the complexion of visitors has changed to a great degree. This is evident from the interest that the hospitality industry is showing in the city. Following Taj group's incursion other high end hotel chains are coming into the city, too.

Chandigarh is popular for its scenic gardens, including the much famous rose garden. Another reason to visit the city is the rock garden, which showcases stunning artwork made by using industrial and urban wastes.

Places to See in Chandigarh
The mega city of Chandigarh offers descent tourist attractions for visitors. Some of the interesting places to explore in the city include Sukhna Lake (manmade), Leisure Valley, City Center, Museum of evolution of life, city museum, Bougainvillea Park, Gurdwara Nada Sahib, Mansa Devi Shrine and many more.

State: Punjab, Haryana
Languages: Hindi, English, and Punjabi
Best Time to Visit: August to November