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There are quality restaurants offering various types of food located all over the city. Know more on best restaurants in Coimbatore.

Restaurants in Coimbatore

Restaurants in Coimbatore - Dining out in Coimbatore can be a mixed experience. The city as a large muslim population, therefore, there is a good variety in non-vegetarian food, too. Besides, the surrounding areas are agriculturally rich and produce a variety of crops, some of which, like sorghum, are used only here in local cuisine. For example, a sorghum based dosa is peculiar to the area. And in dosa, Coimbatore, perhaps, provides the largest variety, served at local dosa points or spots. These are largely concentrated in the city's R.S. Puram, Sai Baba Colony and concentrated in the city's R.S. Puram, Sai Baba Colony and Mettupalayam Road areas. While there is nothing much outside of hotels hat can be called a 'fine dining' option, there are some decent restaurants in the city with a lot of local flavour. The restaurant at Hotel Alankar Grande (for non-vegetarian also) in R.S. Puram, Gauri Shankar on Crosscut Road in Gandhipuram and Annapurna (Which has many branches in the city, including one in Gandhipuram) are worth a try.