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There are over 20 Private sector Banks in Delhi and there network is spread all over the capital. Know more on List of Private Banks in Delhi.

Private Banks in Delhi

Private Banks in Delhi - In 1921, all the banks in India were private and soon after merging to become Imperial Bank of India. In 1994, Reserve Bank of India issued a fresh policy to liberalize limited number of private banks. The capital of India is home of many business centers and trade activities in India. Big business establishments all over New Delhi require large number of financial transactions daily. In order to meet this huge demand of banking services, Private Banks is operating all over Delhi. These include ICICI Bank, HDFC Bank, Jammu and Kashmir Bank, ING Vysya Bank, Karnataka Bank, Kotak Mahindra Bank, UTI Bank and YES Bank. These Private Banks offers both banking facilities to both individual and corporate banking. One can open an account in individual name as well as company/business name depending on requirements. Home Loans, Insurance and Credit cards are some other services provided by Private Banks of Delhi. Private Banks have an advantage over the Government Banks that a customer gets a more attention and there service is considered more effective. Employees are very polite and they serve the premium customer very efficiently.

Private Banks are also spread all over New Delhi. Private Banks branch offices are ideally located in commercial centers or markets. All the branches of Private Banks in New Delhi are CBS (Core Banking Solution). Check out more details and web address of all the Private Banks in New Delhi.

List of Private Banks in New Delhi is presented below: