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Located on the south of Purana Qila, Sunder Nagar Market is famous for traditional Indian handicrafts, craft houses and art galleries. Read further for Sunder Nagar Shopping market in New Delhi.

Sunder Nagar Market

Shopping in Sunder Nagar Market, New Delhi

Sunder Nagar Market - For art and antique aficionados, Sundar Nagar is the place to be. A row of at least 25 shops in the up market residential area of Sundar nagar (10 minutes from city centre) caters to the extravagance of the rich and famous. Most of these shops will ship the stuff to your country if you do not want to carry them. From exquisite Tibetan thangkas, heirloom jewellery, tribal artifacts carved-wood furniture and an incredible range of bric-a-brac - candle stands, coasters, picture frames, perhaps a piano, even lingams - it's all there. At Kumar Gallery you will find contemporary art by the Indian masters (M.F. Hussain, Satish Gujral, Krishna Khanna, A. Ramakrishna, and more); Natesans is particularly good for statues, Lall's for tribal artifacts, Poonam Backliwal for curios and furniture.