Earth Day is a celebrated to bring awareness and spread knowledge about importance of environmental protection. It is an annual event observed worldwide on April 22.

Earth Day 2023

Earth Day - Earth Day is celebrated annually on April 22 to show support for environmental protection. The day is marked by programmes and initiatives in order to bring awareness about disturbing balance of our mother Earth. The day also helps in making aware about common changes we can bring in your lifestyle which helps in reducing pollution, global warming, water scarcity and other crisis.

Earth Day celebration

When is Earth Day in 2023?

When: April 22, 2023

In 2023, Earth Day is celebrated on the 22nd of April. The theme for this year is to Invest in our Planet, and this marks the modern environmental movement that began in 1970 and continues to be celebrated even to this day. Many people extend the celebrations for the entire week, and the whole week is celebrated as Earth week.

Origin of Earth Day

Back in 1970, Wisconsin Senator organized an awareness rally across the nation to highlight the environmental situation. This rally got huge support across the nation, and the US government formed the Environmental Protection Agency in that year. In just two decades, more than 100 countries across the world started celebrating this day.

How do people celebrate Earth Day?

Most people hold awareness rallies to highlight environmental problems and clean the surrounding areas by picking up waste materials from the streets. You will be surprised to know that more than a billion people celebrate this day and take a pledge to protect the environment. Many people also plant trees on this day, and this can slow down the rate of deforestation to some extent in the world. It is interesting to see kids taking part in rallies as most schools actively participate in such environmental awareness events.

What can you do on Earth Day?

If you have a family, you can teach your children about the current environmental situation and make them aware of all the issues. In this way, they will be more sensitive to the environment and try to limit pollution in the long run. If you use a vehicle every day, try to avoid that on Earth Day and use a cycle or take a walk. You might think that it does not make much difference to the overall environment. However, more than a billion people participate in Earth Day, and you will find millions who do not use their vehicles on that day. This can significantly affect the air quality.

Plant trees and conserve water

It is important to save water as the source of freshwater is reducing at a rapid pace across the world. In many states, people drink water that is recycled from the sewage waste as there is no source of fresh water left in the region. If water is not conserved properly, the situation can worsen in the near future.

Planting trees can reduce the impact of pollution to a large extent. It provides fresh oxygen in the surrounding area, and you will notice that a lot of birds get protection when you plant trees in your neighborhood. In this way, the ecological balance will be preserved, which will help us in many ways.

Many people also turn off their lights on Earth Day in order to highlight the environmental issues and show their support for Earth Day. You can also keep a watch on your energy consumption as most of it comes from sources that pollute the environment in generating energy.