Indian Navy Day is celebrated on December 4 of each year.

Indian Navy Day

The day is celebrated to remember and celebrate past achievements of the Navy and to commemorate sacrifices made by the Indian Navy.  Navy day is celebrated on December 4. On the day marines, sailors, and coast guards are honored in response for their serving the nation. Every year a different theme is proposed by officials to celebrate Navy Day.

Last year’s theme was “Swarnim Vijay Varsh”. The theme significance was the victory of India in Indo- Pakistan was which happened in the year 1971.

Why do we celebrate Navy Day?

The Indian Navy is the oldest of of the three services in India. They have been serving the nation with distinction for over 250 years. They have fought many battles, and have successfully defended India’s interests on the seas.

over the last few years, the Indian Navy has been active in the international arena. They have helped to support peacekeeping operations in Cyprus, Nepal, and Sri Lanka. India has been actively participating in the international community. India has an long-standing friendship with the United States Navy. The former US Navy Chief Admiral Gary Roughead visited India in March 2014.

Indian Navy Day History

The Navy is one of the oldest services out of three services in India. It’s been more than 250 years Navy is serving the national and defending India. The Navy became the part of service in 1757 when the British East India Company was searching to secure their trade routes. As they wanted to protect their routes and ships they formed a Naval force. 

The first fleet of the Indian Navy was established in the year 1778. Over the years Navy has evolved. For the last few years, the Indian Navy is also taking part in International Arenas. Indian Navy helped in peacemaking operations in Nepal,  Sri Lanka, and Cyprus. 

Facts about Navy Day India

  • Navy day is celebrated to remember people for their sacrifice, and achievements.
  • In the year 1971 Indian Navy left its shore for the first time to attack Pakistan.
  • It was a massive attack on Pakistan headquarters in Karachi. The attack sank a minesweeper, an ammunition ship, and a destroyer.
  • Navy day is observed every year to celebrate the success and achievement of Operation Trident.
  • Indian Navy consists of more than 67000 personnel and 150 ships and submarines in its fleet.
  • The modern navy ship uses speedy renovation techniques to improve its position in Ocean.
  • Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj is known as the father of the Indian Navy.
  • In the later 1600s during the rise of the Maratha empire Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj visionary for the Indian Navi became the root for what is the Indian Navy today.

How Navy day is celebrated?

To celebrate Navy day several events are organized days prior to the Navy day. Events such as open sea swimming, veteran sailors lunch, ship visit to school children and other visitors, Naval Symphonic Orchestra performance, and Indian Navy Inter School Quiz Competition happens all around the Nation.

In addition to this air display for school children, tattoo ceremonies and a Navy Half Marathon also happens to celebrate the day.