World AIDS Day is celebrated on December 1st of each year.

World Aids Day

World aids day is celebrated to create awareness about HIV. The day is celebrated on December 1 since 1988. HIV is a critical health issue faced by a number of people all around the world. Although the world is progressing continues still there are hundreds of people unaware of Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome (AIDS) allied information.

On World Aids Day, people connect to show support for people who are suffering from HIV. In addition to this on the day, fun-raiser activities are done to raise the funds for the HIV patients.

World Aids Day History

The first time World Aids Day was celebrated was in the year 1988. James Bunn a journalist from the World Health Organization started a discussion about World AIDS day. With colleague Thomas Netter, Bunn mentioned that 1 December will be the perfect day to observe the event. The first event was focused on children and the young generation to create awareness about AIDS and HIV.

Important facts about World Aids Day

  • The day is also celebrated as a big event and there are countries that observe a public holiday on World Aids Day.
  • The date of celebrating the day is chosen due to historical reasons. On the same date, AIDS first patient was detected in the US.
  • Since 1981 around 40 million people all around the globe have died due to HIV.
  • Currently around 37 million people are still suffering from this deadly disease which makes it a global health issue.
  • HIV destroys the cells that defend the body from any outside infection and makes the human body vulnerable. It weakens the immune system and reduces body tolerance to other diseases.
  • International Aids day is part of the World Health Organization 11 official public health campaign.
  • World Aids Day candlelight vigils are usually held in the United States’ main cities to remember people who died from AIDS.
  • In 2015 AIDS cases declined for the first time in history.

How to Celebrate World Aids Day?

To celebrate the day variety of events take place all around the world. Different events will have their own unique message and entertainment. In the United States, the first AIDS Memorial Quilt was unveiled in the year 1987 in Washington Mall. Now the number of panels has grown to around 49000. The panels show the names of people who died due to HIV. In addition to this awareness, activities happen around the globe. People wear red crosses/ Ribbon to show their support for world aids day.

Why is World Aids Day celebrated?

The day is considered to be a day for people to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS. Many people believe that the day is a time to raise public awareness about HIV/AIDS. In addition, it's also celebrated as a time to raise funds for people living with the virus.

Current Event

The world’s largest AIDS and HIV conference will be held in Montreal, Canada from 19 July to 2 August 2022. The conferences will be virtually available so everyone can join them. The conference is based on the discussion about future research related to AIDS, individual wellbeing, and health.