World First Aid day is celebrated worldwide on the second Saturday of September every year.

World First Aid Day

World First Aid Day’s current year celebration date is 9th September 2023. The day is celebrated on the second Saturday in September. It’s an annual campaign that promotes first aid training to save lives all around the globe. Now and then people all around the globe face a time when they might need to perform first aid. The day is eminent to show the importance of first aid and create awareness. Therefore, it’s significant that adults and children know how to offer first aid in case of an emergency.

World First Aid Day

  • First aid plays a significant role in preventing harmful situations. Regardless of background each one of us must know how to perform operations like CPR and other first aid to manage emergencies.
  • This year’s theme for World First Aid Day is Lifelong First Aid.
  • World’s First aid was firstly observed by the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).
  • Henry Dunant was the one who formed the International Committee of the Red Cross.
  • The reason behind the formation of the committee was one day Henry Dunant saw the suffering of people after the battle of Solferino.
  • The event led him to think about people’s health and he wrote the book named Memories of Solferino.
  • The book had the details about the organization which should be formed to offer first aid to needed people. As a result, he formed an individual organization and became its cofounder.
  • Headquarter of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) is in Geneva, Switzerland.

When is World First Aid Day Celebrated

When: September 9, 2023

World First Aid Day

Why First Aid is important?

First aid is an emergency treatment that is given to an injured person till actual medicines and help can be provided. Indeed, first aid plays a vital role in saving individual life. In addition to this, there are incidences when people lose their lives in absence of needed medical help. First aid can help such people and can be a life-saving process.

From cutting hands with the knife to falling from a bicycle or stairs. First aid can help people in situations of crisis. World First Aid day truly helps the world in making a better place.

A unique way to teach the children significance of First aid is to celebrate it in the schools. A one-day workshop can help teach children how to perform basic first aid if someone gets hurt. In conclusion, First aid awareness is a daily need because it can help children get ready for life-threatening situations.

Objectives: World First Aid Day

  • Prime fundamental of the World First Aid Day celebration is to take necessary actions to save individuals’ life.
  • The Second objective is to offer first aid to the injured person.
  • The Last objective of World First Aid day is to take the injured person to the hospital where necessary attention can be given while avoiding misfortune.

How to create first aid awareness in children?

  • Use role-play to explain situations where first aid can be helpful.
  • Talk about first aid importance in workshops and seminars.
  • Announce it as the subject in summer camps.