Children's Day, dedicated to bring awareness about Children is celebrated every year on 14th November in India. Children’s Day in India is also popular as Bal Diwas.

Children’s Day

Children’s Day in India

Children's Day is yet another important day which reaffirms the fact that education of children can vastly contribute to a nation's development. Children's day which is celebrated on November 14 every year, coincides with the birthday of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, the first Prime Minister of India after Independence. Pandit Nehru, who was endearingly called 'Chacha Nehru' had envisioned the vital role of children in the country's overall progress. Some institutions also organize medical and health camps on this day.

Childrens Day 2023

When: Tuesday, 14 November

Today, India has very large young population that can be skilled and trained to excel in every day and emerge as the think-tank of the country. Realizing the children's role in development of a nation, children and older students organize speeches, drama and cultural programmes while corporate houses and social organizations also conduct competitions including quiz, fancy dress competitions, and art exhibitions in several cities on this day. Children's Day is a public holiday in India.

Why We Celebrate Children's Day?

In India, it was always believed that children are the incarnation of God. Therefore, the emotional development of the children is essential, but the education of the children is equally important. Moreover, they are technically the future of the nation, and therefore, they would be acting as the most important driving force of development.

It is only with the help of children, the nation's future can be secured. Remember this objective Children's Day is celebrated on November 14th every year. The main intention of celebrating Children's Day is to remember the love of India's first prime minister towards the future of the nation.

About Children's Day

Children play a pivotal role in the development of the country, and that is why the development of children in a holistic way is essential. Therefore, different activities are conducted throughout the nation to bring forward the student's talent. But modern people usually celebrate this day only once a year.

It is essential to mention the enormous amount of loss that people face in such a situation. This occasion about realizing the importance of the children should be celebrated throughout the year. The importance of the day has been summarised in the following way.

It helps to understand the potential of the children

It is important to note that every child is unique, and they have got one or the other talent in them. The main intention of celebrating Children's Day is to celebrate the multi-dimensional personality. It encourages the children to pursue the given objective and the goal they are interested in following.

It helps the children to undertake the activities which interest them. This saves them from every parental and societal pressure that may cause a hindrance in the path of development. Celebrating children's day with this encouragement and motivation is all that the Indian population requires in the present world.

It helps to get a considerable impetus

If the children start pursuing the activities they love, then automatically, their development and growth begin. It is one of the most important ways to get the maximum amount of growth for the country.

Children's day aims to realize the importance of children in national development. It is only based on the children's potential that the country's future growth can be estimated. Therefore, it is considered an essential category of development that should be focused on to the greatest possible extent.

It helps to create a positive environment

It is essential to mention in the first place that the dependence on the children helps to create a positive environment. If they pose the habits and the passion, then automatically creates a happy environment.

They have a better opportunity to develop and grow themselves to the greatest extent. The most crucial objective of this study is to make every child's life easy by supplying him with the essential requirements of life.

It has to be concluded that celebrating Children's Day is the most significant motive of every person. This has been helping to celebrate the life of the children and the happiness that they need in life for proper sustainable development.