Father’s day is a special day celebrated to thanks our Fathers for their love, and guidance. Father's day 2023 in India will be celebrated on June 18.

Father's Day 2023

Happy Father's Day

Father's Day - When we see paper boats, we can't help but soak in the warm of childhood memories. While our father helped us develop wings of imagination; he also gave us the courage of realizing them in life. We derive our strength and courage from our father. From our wobbly childhood days to a gangly sports-crazed teenager to a college-goer bubbling with a million ‘genius’ ideas, and through the rough and tumble of it all, our doting father has let himself be our punching bag, our confidante, and our best critic. Life wouldn't be half as exciting and meaningful if your father wasn't there to infuse meaning in the first place! Nothing more and nothing less can attest to the pervasive influence of our father in our lives.

Father's Day Date 2023

When: June 18 (Sunday), 2023

Father's Day is that hallowed day in our lives that helps us to express our thanks to our dad, or our father figures, grandfather, stepfather or elder brother. Our father is our role model, a powerhouse of talent, a fount of wisdom and one with immense reserves of patience. Father's Day is just a way of telling our father that in his time of need, his son and/or daughter will forever be by his side, no matter what.

Father etymologically refers to a figure who gives guidance, wisdom and knowledge or someone who is a leader, founder or a trailblazer. Father's Day deservedly calls to be celebrated for the wonderful things our father has done for us. So, leave no stone unturned in order to make it a day your father will cherish. Don your creative hats and get busy with ideas that will bring a smile on his face. It’s time for revisiting those places that remind you two of intense bonding and joyous moments! Just gift wrap that memorabilia or the gadget or the trip he always longed for, but kept postponing, along with a bouquet of love and heartfelt emotions!

Father's Day History

Father's Day is an important day across the world. It recognizes the essence of fatherhood and commends the important mentoring role fathers play to bring up their children.

The third Sunday of June was officially recognized as Father’s Day in the year 1966 in the United States. Since then, the tradition caught on globally. In Australia and New Zealand, this special day coincides with the first Sunday in September. Scandinavian countries Norway and Denmark observe this day in the month of November. Other countries vary in their calendar dates about when to celebrate Father's Day.

Sonora Smart Dodd is credited with institutionalizing the day. She insisted to the Pastor that her father had brought her up as a single parent and fathers must be honored for a lifetime of sacrifice. The first Father's Day sermon is considered to be delivered on June 19, 1910.

In 1936, a National Father's Day Committee was setup to officially select a ‘Father of the Year’. Some famous names to be honored with this title include Douglas MacArthur, Dwight D. Eisenhower, and Harry S. Truman.

Father's Day in India

Father's Day in India is a new concept for Indians. However, it has found favor with the current generation which is more in sync with the times. So, lapping it up is the new breed of children who incorporate various fun activities in their Father’s Day celebration plans. The events range from surprising fathers with a small but unique token to grand gatherings and lavish lunches to a weekend getaway.

Father's Day celebration

Father's Day is dedicated to reflections, celebrations and ceremony. The day eulogizes all father figures which includes fathers, grandfathers and forefathers and extol their numerous sacrifices and impart moral values.

A father's love for his children knows no bounds and this pure love gives immense strength to the children. To keep the paternal bond lasting and ever-strong, everyone’s effort is to make this day memorable. Traditionally, families gather to celebrate this day and prepare lunch or dinner around this theme. As a good gesture, schools and social institutions promote activities so that children learn the importance of their father's role in their lives.

Children like to give personalized gifts to their fathers, or keepsakes, or spend a day engaging their fathers in fun things, such as a safari trip, or a trek or going to the beach or simply catching up with fathers after a long time. A typical meal on this day is a veritable platter of barbequed or roasted dishes of chicken or meat of choice, complemented with baked potatoes and vegetables, accompanied by pints of ale.

Activities for Father’s Day

Fathers set examples for their children by doing hard work and accomplishing big feats, yet know how to keep calm during tough times. Thus, Father's Day is an opportune time to show fathers that their sons and daughters care for them. It is a known fact that fathers are reserved, not vocal about their love for children and do not believe in overt display of love. So, this day becomes especially important to show your father that you care for him in the most affectionate way possible.

Some of the activities popular among children include:

  • Watching a movie that has some father-child significance
  • attending a sports event together
  • going out for a sumptuous Sunday lunch or Sunday brunch
  • shopping for something that encourages fathers to engage in a hobby
  • taking an adventure trip
  • taking a golf, football or cricket lesson with a celebrity coach
  • writing a song that holds special meaning for both father and child

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