Friendship Day is the day celebrated with wishes, memories and love for our dear friends. Know more on Friendship Day and its celebrations in India.

Friendship Day

Friendship Day

Friendship Day - It is a fact that real affectionate relationships emerge out of enduring friendships. Among all the eventful days that come once in a year, no one gets more attention, support and acknowledgement than Friendship Day. Friendship Day is a day dedicated to honoring and strengthening the universal values of friendship, camaraderie, trust and fellowship all over the world. Most deservingly, it is a day to recognize one's friends from all times and all spheres of life.

Friendship Day Celebrations
Today, Friendship Day has weaved its way into the social fabric of the Indian society. The universal appeal of this day has encouraged different kinds of celebrations. Enthusiasm to acknowledge friendship among people is unsurpassable on this day. Teenagers, especially, throng popular spots while public places, pubs, restaurants and malls keep up to the theme of friendship with festive 'Friendship Day' decorations, special menus and musical gigs.

From the days of the modest 'Happy Friendship Day' cards signing paeans to friendship to the new age convenience of SMS/e-cards/blogging/video chatting, Friendship Day celebrations has taken on new forms. While Friendship bands, bracelets, flowers and tattoos have a ritualistic ring to them, pot-luck parties, musical fests and get-together dos have also seen a revival. Friendship Day festival often reveals a cathartic angle as some very emotional moments are shared among friends while emotional scenes full of sentimentalism are also witnessed. Overall, Friendship Day has managed to bring together friends far and near.

Apart from this, media coverage on Friendship Day festival, freebies and discount offers by retailers speak volumes about how this Day has found a leeway into people's lives. This has also spawned a tradition of exchanging 'Friendship Day' gifts and 'Happy Friendship Day' merchandise among the new generation.

While not going overboard with the frills of celebrations, Friendship Day is also a time that beckons people to dwell on how real friendships can enrich our lives. It also gives us a perspective on relationships and creating long-lasting friendships.

So, come Friendship Day 2023! You can use this occasion to show your respect for friends who will always be your best pals and worst critics, always showing you the right path through the ups and downs of life.

Friendship Day 2023 will be celebrated on August 06

Happy Friendship Day