List of Sikh Guru Purab to be celebrated in 2021 with month wise dates are presented below. Dates for Gurpurab, Gurgaddi, Joti Jot Dates along with historic events.

Guru Purab Dates 2021

Guru Purab Dates 2021

Guru Purab Dates - Sikhs celebrate the remembrance day of the ten Sikh gurus as Gurpurabs. Observed as Gurupurab by the Sikhs, these mark the birth anniversary or martyrdom of any of the ten Sikh gurus. Sikh Gurus are known world over for their sacrifice and service to the humanity, their birthdays are thus celebrated in a grand way. The main day witnesses large scale celebration with kirtan (devotional songs) and stories dedicated to the Guru. Guru Granth sahib (the Sikh holy book) is read continuously throughout the day. This is followed by an Ardaas - a Sikh prayer. Guru ka Langar (Free food) is prepared and served in all the Gurdwaras across the world. Entire Sikh community celebrates every Gurpurab by visiting gurdwaras, and serving free food to all. Celebrations on Sikh Gurpurab remain same except for the hymns and history for the respective Gurpurab.

2021 Gurpurab Calendar Dates

Shaheedi - Act of giving one's life for a cause

Parkash, and Birth are same