Festivals in India present a true picture of culture and heritage in India. Fairs and Festivals play a vital role in daily life of Indian people.

Festivals in India

Festivals in India

Fairs and Festivals in India - If one wants to visit a multicultural land that houses an assorted range of religions, India comes up as an ideal choice. The country has a rich cultural heritage and is home to people from diverse religions. It is a universally acknowledged truth that every religion gets its own unique expression from the festivals celebrated by its followers on various occasions.

Festivals of India are celebrated throughout the country with Great Spirit and devotion. This festival reflects the traditional spirit and culture of the people of India. Religious festivals are celebrated by various communities living together in India. These fairs and festivals are a unique symbol of national integrity and pride for the people of India. India is home to numerous religious, cultural and spiritual fairs and festivals. But there are some very popular festivals which are well known and are celebrated by Indians all over the world. Holi and Diwali are few of the most famous festivals in India. Old rituals, traditions and possessions are an important part of these fairs and festivals in India. Here we have presented below a list of some of the popular fairs and festivals celebrated in India.

Festivals of India

Christian Festivals

Good Friday | Christmas

Muslim Festivals

Eid ul Fitr | Eid ul-Adha

Buddhist Festivals

Buddha Purnima

Festivals by Region (States):

Festivals in Goa

Sunburn Goa