Maharana Pratap Jayanti 2023 - Maharana Pratap Jayanti celebrates birth of Maharana Pratap. Maharana Pratap Jayanti in India will be celebrated on May 23 (Tuesday).

Maharana Pratap Jayanti

One of the greatest kings of the Mewar Dynasty, Maharana Pratap, is a well-known ruler from Rajasthan. He is known for his decision and fights with the Emperor of Mughal Dyansty, Akbar. Many places in India and especially in Rajasthan, celebrate his birthday as 'Maharana Pratap Jayanti.' In many places it is declared as a public holiday also. He was the 13th king of the Mewar Dynasty and was born to the ruler Udai Singh II.

Maharana Pratap was born on May 9th, 1540, in a Rajput family. He was the eldest of 25 sons and was the prince and heir to his father. After taking over the crown, Maharana Pratap made sure to keep the glory of his family, ancestors, and blood by fighting against major enemies that wished to conquer the parts of the Mewar state. The glory of the war skills portrayed by him is still studied to understand warfare skills.Unfortunately, on January 19th, 1597, he died after facing an injury in a hunting accident.

Maharana Pratap Jayanti 2023 Date

May 23 (Tuesday), 2023

How to Celebrate Maharana Pratap Jayanti

Every year, Maharana Pratap Jayanti is celebrated to remember this war hero and pride of Rajputana. The great stories of success, struggle, and efforts in ruling a great part of our country are remembered by the people of India. Last year on May 9th, Prime Minister Narendra Modi paid his tribute to this pride of nation for his battle glory, courage and skills. To weigh in his glory, Maharana Pratap defeated the great Mughal emperor Akbar thrice (three consecutive years) in 1577, 1578, and 1579. After his demise, Maharana Amar Singh, eldest son of Maharana Pratap took over the crown.

The tradition of celebrating this auspicious day has its definition and value depending on the individual. Some people get the handmade Idol of Maharana Pratap and worship his sacrifice and glory. Many people visit various statues built across Rajasthan and fortunately across India to pray for getting courage in their lives. People even consider dressing up in traditional clothes and collecting their offerings in candles, diya, sweets, and flowers. Few schools and colleges celebrate this day by singing patriotic songs and dressing up as the great Maharana Pratap.

The battle of Haldighati, fought on June 18th, 1576, is especially noted for his bravery on the battlefield, and it was the toughest among all the wars he had during his lifetime. As per the Hindu calendar, Maharana Pratap Jayanti has to be celebrated on the 3rd day of Jyeshta. This day is celebrated as a big day across the state of Rajasthan. In different cities also, we can find posters and banners to display the public's affection towards the great warrior. Many politicians also give a speech about the significance of Maharana Pratap.

We all live in a diversified country with a great history of warriors and legend, and they value our presence and our roots as Indians. We hope you will celebrate Maharana Pratap Jayanti this year on May 23, 2023 to define your patriotism as a responsible citizen of India to engrave the glory of these mighty hero and true son of motherland.

Why Maharana Prataap Jayanti date changes every year?

It is interesting to know that Indian people commemorate Maharana Pratap Jayanti twice a year because its birth date is 9th May according to the English Calendar, so most people remember this date as the Maharana Pratap Jayant every year. But some states of India such as Rajasthan, which is also the birthplace of Maharana Pratap Singh, celebrate Maharana Pratap Jayanti on the 3rd day of the Jyeshtha Shukla. Like many other Hindu festivals like Holi, and Diwali, their dates are not fixed and it changes every year because these festivals are celebrated according to the Hindu calendar which is traditionally based on the Tithiyaan.

This is the reason why the Maharana Pratap Jayanti date changes every year because it is celebrated on the 3rd day of the Jyeshtha Shukla which is not fixed and changes every year. 9th May was the 3rd day of the Jeyestha Shukla at that time but it is fixed as Maharana Pratap Birthday.