Celebrate Sharad Navratri 2023 from October 15 to October 24.

Popular among devotees, Navratri Poems are dedicated to Maa Durga or Goddess Shakti. Check out popular poems for Navratri festival.

Navratri Poems

Navratri Poems - Navratri is a period particularly conducive to devotional practices such as Jagran and community puja. However, this is also a time to dwell on spirituality, which comes out through some intensely personal modes such as ‘poetry’. Navratri poems exalt the various awe-inspiring virtues of Adi Shakti or the force behind the universe. Thus Ma Shakti appearing in various forms such as Chandika, Bhadrakali and Mahakali to reveal her virtues is truly documented in Durga Saptasati, which is an epic poem written in verses.

Since then, sages and spiritual gurus have expressed their spiritual longing and flashes of Ma Durga’s vision through poetry on Navratri. Reciting Navratri poems is itself a deeply uplifting and soul-gratifying experience. Navratri poems carry the essence of the festival which promotes deep reflection.

Popular Navratri poems deal with the exploits of Maa Durga and deifies her in her various forms. They are written in simple language in Hindi and also have several regional language versions. Navratri poems entreat the Goddesses to abide in the devotees' soul and radiate feelings of peace and joy.

Popular Navratri Poems

The temple priest has rung his bell.
A cloud of smoke from candles and lamps
Haloes the Goddess, glowing bright
This beat of drums both maddens and dulls.

The incense burns: so heady the musk,
Our senses flounder in the flood.
This endless chant of sacred words
Soon drugs our lips and stuns our minds.

The Goddess, always staring down:
Her painted pupils cut through smoke
And read the secret thoughts we think.
We somehow feel this within our hearts.

To Mother, we know, we bow and pray –
Her form not just this image of clay.

Nine nights for goddess Durga
Full of dance and songs
People worship her image
With flowers and prayers long.

May the Goddess bless us
With precious gifts to mankind
People praise her image
Full of beauty divine!