Pohela Boishakh refers to first day celebration in the beginning of Bengali Calendar annually. Also popular as Bangla Noboborsho, Pahela Baishakh will be celebrated on Saturday, 15 April in 2023.

Pohela Boishakh 2023

Pohela Boisakh is also known as Noboborsho or Bengali New Year. The word ‘Nobo’ refers to ‘new’ and ‘Borsho’ literally translates to ‘year’. It is celebrated joyfully by the Bengali community all across the globe. Family, friends and relatives meet each other and cook special dishes. It is also a time of cultural meets, feasts, fairs and merriment.

It is a day of joyous celebration and the roots of the festival go back to the days of Mughal domination in India when the agrarian community of Bengal facilitated the collection of revenue by the Mughals by coinciding the Bengali calendar with the harvest season. Since the early days, on this special day the customers are treated with sweets among the business community. Traditional village fairs and festivals are held, delicacies are sold in shops and mouthwatering dishes are cooked in every household to mark the auspicious first day of the year. Processions or Mangal Shobhajatra in Bangladesh calls for an exchange of knowledge and spreading the joy of our ancient culture and heritage to the future generations. Performances of songs and dances in various cultural centers and exhibition of handcrafts form an integral part of the Poila Baisakh festivities. Bengalis also keep fasts, visit temples and offer prayers on this day.

Pohela Boishakh, Bengali New Year

When is Pohela Boishakh Celebrated

Pahela Baisakh is celebrated happily on the dates of April 14 or 15 all over the Indian states of West Bengal, Tripura, Odissa and Assam to mark the first day of the Bengali month. Pohela Boisakh is celebrated in Bangladesh on the 14th of April and there this special day is a declared National Holiday. Pohela Boisakh is actually a harvest festival where the people enjoy the prosperity and joy of harvesting their crops.

When: April 15 (Saturday), 2023

Mangal Shobhajatra in Bangladesh

Pohela Boishakh Muhurat

Bengali Era 1429 Begins

Sankranti Moment on Pohela Boishakh - 06:04 AM, Apr 14