Teachers day or National Teachers Day is celebrated on 5th September all over India. Know more on teacher's day celebrations and its history.

Teachers Day

"It is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge." - Albert Einstein

Teacher's Day

Teacher's Day 2023 - Teachers day is not just a day for fun and change of roles. It is also a day to remember how much of hard work and time goes in, before a teacher walks into that classroom and teaches you that chapter. It is a day for showing gratitude towards the person who has patiently heard you out when you asked the same question a hundred times. It is also a day to thank the person who guided you in matters more than academic. A person like that truly deserves a special day earmarked to him/her, right? So, the next September 5th, make sure you pick up that phone or make an extra effort to call your teacher and thank him/her for the lighthouse they have been in your life.

When is Teachers Day : Teacher Day date 2023

Teacher's Day 2023 will be celebrated on 5 September (Tuesday) in India

Now that's what an awesome teacher does; I guess. They teach us, guide us, love us, scold us, cry when we pass out and then never forget us. The Indian scriptures also speak about the four entities that make us what we are. Mata, Pita, Guru and Devam (Mother, Father, Teacher and God). A stature of a teacher comes before God Himself. I am sure this is why Dr. Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan, the first Vice-President and the second President of India (for his passion for education) insisted on celebrating his birthday as the Indian Teacher's day and thus arrived September 5th. He was also a thinker and a great teacher, with several published work standing testimony to his erudition. He believed teachers reflect the best intellectual capabilities of the country.

The first teacher's day being in 1962, we have come a long way celebrating and being grateful to all those people who have taught us not just academics but values and ways of life as well. UNESCO acknowledges the importance of Teacher’s Day, and internationally 5th October is followed as World Teacher’s Day.

We all have fond memories of Teacher's Day. A teacher has a long-lasting impression on a student's life. A good teacher is able to change a student's life by instilling the joy of learning and the resolve of achieving the most difficult tasks. Teacher's Day is an important day for teachers as they get to know how much admired and respected they are for their contribution. This gives a major fillip to the teaching community at every level as the best reward a teacher can hope for is not in monetary terms but appreciation.

Teachers Day is eagerly-awaited by the student community, as it allows students to share their thoughts and views about the influence of teachers on their learning with their favourite teachers and mentors. Educational institutions undertake large-scale events that centre on speeches, presentation of new and creative thoughts and cultural shows that extol the virtues of teachers. However, eager school-going children offer their appreciation of token to their favourite teachers by giving carefully chosen flowers, Teachers' Day cards with self-created art or even useful gifts that will make teachers feel good. Digital communication has enhanced the means of sending the students' heartfelt wishes to the teachers who guide them throughout their college life and stage of higher education.